Trajectory of Your Voice

Welcome to the show.

In today’s episode, you are going to learn just where you are on the voice trajectory timeline.  Are you confident, captivating or controlled, and commanding?  Find out what your voice is saying about you.

When you finish this episode, you will know more about the process you are going through as you learn to be more captivating with your voice.

What it means to be:

Controlled with your voice

Careful with your voice

Counterfeit with your voice

Centered with your voice and ready to move into the category where you are captivating and move your listener from your very first word.

It’s critical to be captivating, especially on video and today you will find out exactly where you are and where you need to be.

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Ease into 7 Figures w/ Jessica Fearnley

Welcome to the show!

Wish you knew how to get your business to 7 figures or higher?  Maybe you just want to get to the next level without working more hours. 

Today’s guest on the show, Jessica Fearnley, is the expert when it comes to scaling a business to 6, 7, figures or higher without loads more work.   

She’s going to reveal her best strategies to increase your revenue and take back your freedom in a few easy steps. 


The role voice plays for women and their own success

Ways she stepped into her own voice power

Why mindset is everything when it comes to success

The key strategy she teaches women around the world to level up business and save time

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Guest Bio:

Jessica Fearnley is a business coach who helps women build seven-figure consulting firms. She specializes in the transition from six to seven figures in turnover and is an advocate for earning more by working less. Jessica has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Nottingham University, and a career background in project management, business planning, and business development in both the public and private sectors. She was recently named as one of the LinkedIn Top Voices for Entrepreneurship and Small Business and is passionate about closing the gender pay gap for women in consulting.


Show Notes


Giving Meaning Limits Your Voice

Welcome to the Show!

I’m excited to talk to you today about something I’ve not talked about before.  Meaning…what is the meaning you are giving things?

This is a Psychology of the Voice principle that limits the impact you make with your voice in big ways.

We give meaning to things and when we do, then we play small b/c of the meaning we have given to whatever it is…

What people think,

Not getting it right,

Asking for an invitation,

Bothering people…

On and on the list goes.  All have meaning that we have given and all of these drivers can cause us to play small!

I think you will love this episode!

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Stop Rambling

Welcome to the show!

If you are not a rambler, I bet you know someone who is!

In today’s episode, I’m talking about why you ramble on and on.   There is a reason and it’s all in your Psychology of the Voice.

We don’t know what you know.

We don’t know what you are rambling about.

It’s not serving you and the rambling actually could be repelling your potential audience.

Find out all the reasons why you ramble in today’s episode and let’s get you bottom lining it in no time.

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Are You Revealing the Real You?

Welcome to the show!

Far too many people think they are showing up as the best version of themselves but they are not.

What is authentic anyway?

Well, it’s showing me who you are, all the bits of you I call it and it’s in your voice.

Do you struggle to show up as your real self, all the time?

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about the ways you still limit showing up even if you think you are showing up as the real you.

This is a powerful episode because the technique that really changes my client’s lives is when they are able to roll in the real bits of who they are.  It’s at that point that their audience knows who they really are and the benefits are glorious both internally and externally!

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Power of the Tongue

Welcome to the show!

I’m going to do something I don’t normally do today, talk about words.

Specifically, Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death.

What people don’t realize is that their words really do hold a lot of power.

I’ve actually been studying this lately and I’ve watched what happens to people who constantly spew hate…the data is not good.

It’s essential that we call in good.  It’s critical that we really follow the golden rule of treat others as we want to be treated but I say speak to others in a way you want to be spoken to.

We have to stop this hate talk, this bashing others, judging others with our words and tone.

There is more at stake than you realize.

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Destroying Your Credibility with an Uptick

Welcome to the podcast!

Today, I’m talking about the uptick.  Many of you know people who turn every sentence into a question.  You are probably thinking…yeah and it’s annoying.  However, what people who do the uptick don’t realize is the problematic Psychology of the Voice behind it.

When someone upticks, it causes the listener’s subconscious to question whether that person knows what they are talking about or not.  People who have an uptick often don’t realize just what it’s costing them and the answer is a lot.

Upticks can come from literal stories or drivers of questioning whether you know what you are talking about or not.  Upticks can come from insecurities or questioning anything, even imposter syndrome can cause an uptick.  Mimicking a pattern of someone you admire is also something that can cause this.

It doesn’t matter where it came from, it’s got to go if you want to be taken seriously as the expert you are.

Don’t lose valuable time or prospects by sending the wrong message, get rid of your uptick today!


Must Sound Professional Voice

Welcome to the show!

One of the things I hear almost daily is, “Tracy, I’ve got to be professional, I can’t do that…it won’t sound professional.”

What people don’t realize is that they are in an either/or situation.  I am or I’m not. They also don’t realize that they WILL NOT be unprofessional if they reveal the best version of themselves.

We want to know who you are…period.  Until we do, you will struggle.

What people fear is going to happen if they reveal themselves is NOT going to happen.

In fact, I believe being professional is actually hiding insecurity.

One of the things I really do when I work with people is to get them to reveal the BEST version of themselves and every time, not only are they professional, they also stop the tune out and level up their business and life in big ways.

I think you are going to like this episode.

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Mastery w/ Michael Bulloch

Welcome to the show!

I’ve got a great episode for you today, especially if you are the kind of person that really likes personal development and always challenging yourself from within.

Michael Bulloch is with me on the show today.  I met Michael when I was a guest on his Man of Master podcast, and we were so aligned with the way we think and work that I knew I needed to bring him on the show.

Today, Michael and I talk about a lot including:

How he came to do the work he does after realizing there was more for him,

What success means,

Seeking balance and why that’s important,

Finding your purpose and so much more!

I know you are going to get so much value from this episode so thanks for listening!

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Guest Bio

Michael Bulloch is a father, husband, author, and corporate consultant, specializing in business strategy, process, and technology for start-ups and growth-stage businesses as well as large enterprise transformation projects. By all standards he’s been highly successful, with degrees from a top university followed by an MBA. He’s worked at major global firms and has been a leading part of several successful startups.

At 30, I sustained a crippling back injury, requiring surgery with no certainty of a cure. Along with the physical side, everything else slid from there – flexibility, mobility, focus on nutrition, and motivation. I went from a very active lifestyle and intense sports to learning pain management, where the effort to lean over a sink and shave or stand in a shower was so excruciating and nauseating that I’d have to lie down (i.e., collapse in a cold sweat) to rest in between.

Over time, by research and personal trial-and-error, I made adjustments to nutrition and supplementation, discovered chiropractic, and ventured into yoga. Eventually I clawed my way back to a normal level of life, work, fitness, and activity.

As recently as 3-4 years ago, launching another startup, I felt like everything was once again buzzing along. But something wasn’t quite right or was still feeling out of balance.

Outwardly, perhaps the success was there, but at best it was highly imbalanced and, in reality, needed a wholesale change in approach. I would propose that being successful is external – someone else’s measure whereas feeling successful comes from within and involves finding happiness doing things of meaning and real impact.

You can find out more about Michael at:





Authentic Persuasion with Jason Cutter

Welcome to the show!

You are in for a real treat today!  My guest, Jason Cutter is truly an expert when it comes to selling authentically.

Even if you technically aren’t in sales, trust me, you will still benefit from this episode because really, everything we do is about influence and persuasion.

In today’s episode, Jason and I talk about authentic persuasion and what that really means,

Big mistakes people make when it comes to selling,

Voice matching and our alignment on this topic,

The difference between an order taker and quota breaker and so much more!


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Guest Bio

Despite having a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology, working in tech support and government contracting roles, and not getting his first official sales job until age 27, Jason Cutter founded the Cutter Consulting Group, with a focus on coaching and training individuals, and being hired by companies around the world who want to dramatically improve their selling effectiveness. He is the author of Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker, and host of the Authentic Persuasion Show (aka The Sales Experience) podcast.