I believe that you have a powerful story worth sharing and that when you learn to unmask your voice, you learn to unmask your true identity.

Hey there,

I’m Tracy Goodwin.

Greetings, Esteemed Leaders,

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Tracy Goodwin, the unseen conductor behind the symphony of many influential voices you admire. 

Picture this – the hushed anticipation that fills the room as your favorite aunt, a wellspring of sagacious wisdom, prepares to impart yet another invaluable lesson. That’s the level of value I aim to bring to you today.

Your presence here is not arbitrary. It signifies a quest for something all high achievers relentlessly pursue: meaningful connections. Yet, despite your efforts, you find this elusive quality evading your grasp.

Your relationships with clients, prospective or current, seem to lack that spark.

Your pivotal, transformative message falls on deaf ears, and consequently, your sales take a hit.

Your relationships, both personal and professional, are in disarray. The crux of the matter, as unexpected as it may seem, lies in your voice.

Your journey here is marked by self-doubt, a constant second-guessing that mentally scripts an ending imbued with failure rather than success, even before the first word of a conversation is spoken.


Why am I so certain of this? Because, like you, I have navigated these tumultuous waters.

Discovering the power and potential of my voice was a revelation that led me on a path to empower and heal others. This was not an overnight decision, but rather a journey that spanned nearly a decade.

Now, I am certain you are here because you are ready to embrace the entirety of your story – the triumphs and setbacks, the light and shadows.

As we embark on this voyage of transformation together, I think it’s high time you became familiar with my own narrative.

It’s your voice that’s stopping you.

You’re here because of all the doubt and sick of second-guessing yourself.

You’re over mentally writing the end of the story in your mind and foreshadowing failure rather than success, before a conversation even gets started.

How do I know all about this? Because just like you, I’ve personally lived it.

When I discovered this, the choice to use my voice to empower and heal others became a no-brainer. But it wasn’t a decision I came to overnight. It was a decision that took nearly a decade for me to make.

I believe you’re here because you’re ready to own it. All of your story. The good and the bad. The light and the dark.

Speaking of your story, it’s about time you hear mine.

I was born into the world of the unspoken.

Like I suspect you did, too, I learned it was unsafe to use my authentic voice from a very young age.

The details of my story are probably similar to yours.

Strong voices of influence during your earliest years, giving strong messages like: “Don’t be so dramatic.” “Sit down and be pretty.” “Why are you so loud?”

It was only after I began to study and understand and ultimately create the Psychology of the Voice® that I realized what an enormous impact those words had on me.

Because I now know, through years of research, that one phrase before you are 5 years old has the power to determine how you will use your voice for a lifetime.  

The first negative phrases we hear and understand will determine how we use our voice for the rest of our lives.

 Maybe you can relate?

A lifetime of voice stories…siblings, teachers, bosses, relationships…

Whatever your voice stories may be, I can connect with you on some level and transform you to the place you were meant to be.

So I learned to listen to the subconscious stories beneath the words.

It is my gift.  It is my research.  It is my legacy for you.

This work is about going deeper, true internal freedom, truly commanding the space…being heard and leaving your legacy.  

Because for almost a decade, I heard the 7 layers of every student’s voice.

But I wasn’t using them.

I wasn’t allowed to use them. Vocal teaching was about giving the same cookie-cutter techniques to every student that walked through my doors. Telling them to count their “likes” and “ums,” to breathe differently, to form their consonants more softly.

And due to these uniform techniques, vocal coaching had nothing to do with the students themselves.

Don’t get me wrong – I was still privy to enormous transformations. But as soon as those students stepped away from the technique for even a few days… all of our progress seemed to be lost.

It’s because we hadn’t gotten to the root of the issue.

Instead, we simply added another mask to their voice. And just like a sommelier can’t continue to add more to a sour barrel of wine and expect it to turn out better, we can’t add more to your voice and expect a different outcome.

We need to go deeper into why you say “like.” Why are you hesitant to use your voice and say what you mean?

When we uncover and undo that internal programming. . . you will transform your voice. Permanently.

Yet, I wasn’t allowed to go to these depths with my students. So I quit.

I disappeared into the heart of NYC, where I opened up a furniture refurbishing store with my best friend.

I put my days of vocal coaching behind me.

Day in and day out, I spent my time in the workroom, sanding away the old, worn-out layers of furniture to uncover the beauty buried within.

The phone rang constantly. Students, new and old, wanted to know when I’d go back to teaching. When could they book a time with me? Even just 30 minutes?

But I refused. I wanted to spend the rest of my life sanding furniture, restoring it to its former beauty, the way its creator had intended.

I know; the irony was strong.

Until one day, I heard a voice echo through my head.

What are you doing?

It was the voice of God. I knew His voice instantly, although I had heard it only a few times before in my life. But right then and there, I was sure.

I couldn’t ignore my calling anymore.

By now, you probably realize I’m not your typical vocal teacher.

As a matter of fact, I don’t believe in vocal technique.

I believe in the Psychology of the Voice® signature methodology I created that ensures you find your real identity.

Yes, there’s a psychology to your voice. Microscopic sounds within your voice can influence the subconscious of your listener.  Your voice will either repel or attract.

As tiny as a grain of sand, these sounds are often the culprit behind your struggles in life, business, love, and faith. A grain of sand seems small until you get a piece of sand in your eye. Suddenly, you can’t get that thing out of there fast enough!

And so it is with the inconsistencies in your voice.

Subtle, but sandy– these sounds
grate on the subconscious of your listener.

But it goes even deeper than these masks. Within these sounds lives your life story.

From the second you were born until the second you’re reading this page and every second beyond, those moments live in your voice, folded within 7 different layers and hidden behind masks.

It’s my job to shift those masks, uncover your subconscious stories, and eradicate them.

My first foray back into the world of voice came about at a workshop in Austin, Texas.

It was at this conference that I met a young man. He stood up in front of everyone and spoke less than a sentence.

Instantly, I knew his story.

I knew he’d come back to Austin after experiencing a devastating and painful heartbreak from his first love. However, it was also clear to me that he was facing an unspoken internal struggle:

Would he stay in Austin? Or move home to nurse his broken heart?

His pain was palpable. I felt his sorrow—the fear of the unknown, the hesitation holding him back in life and making him curl in on himself like a dying leaf. And the moment I told him what I knew, he stared at me with wide eyes, perplexed.

“How did you know that?” He asked.

The answer was simple. “I heard it in your voice.”

Why choose me as your voice coach?

That’s easy. Because I don’t teach voice.

I help you discover your identity.

My teachings aren’t for those afraid to dig deep and be completely honest. I WILL hear everything the moment we start working together.

And that’s where the beauty is.

With my guidance, you’ll go from scared and worried to…

– Owning your story.

– Doing it your way.

– Maximizing the power of your voice.

Your true identity will shine through as you begin to unmask your voice.

You’ll learn how to share your story and WHY your story is worth sharing.

Now is the time for your audience to experience the weight of your words and feel the impact of your message like never before.

I’m ready to go on this powerful journey with you
as your secret weapon in life and business.

When you’re ready to uncover your authentic voice so you can impact the world around you for good while getting the income you deserve click the button below.

Because the whole world is waiting to hear
the full orchestra of your heart.