About Us

What We do

Tracy helps executives, professionals and entrepreneurs at the top of their game get to another level of success they didn’t even realize was possible.
Tracy transforms your life by changing how you use your voice to communicate and by shifting the tones in your voice that aren’t working for you so you:

My Story

I was raised in a family where children were to be seen and not heard. I wasn’t really allowed to speak. But, in spite of that, I started winning speaking awards when I was 12 years old. It was the one platform to use my voice and I thrived in that space. I went on to be an award-winning actor and director. In my freshman year of college as I was studying acting, I had a horrific event happen on stage and in an instant, my voice changed. It was that moment that set the real stage for the work I do today, Psychology of the Voice®.


Over the last 30 years, I’ve had the honor of transforming the lives of hundreds of executives, business professionals, celebrities and 7-figure entrepreneurs simply by shifting sounds that are sending the wrong message out of their voice. The most fascinating thing, none of them realized they needed me but when I go to work on your voice I tell you exactly what sounds are not revealing the best version of you AND how they are being processed subconsciously by the listener. The Psychology of the Voice® transforms your voice and your life, because we go after the drivers that are in your mind and the stories that they are telling because it’s those drivers, that psychology that has put your bad voice habits into place. We have to eradicate both for you to have true transformation and results that stick.

What I Look At

In my Psychology of the Voice® work I look at those drivers and rewrite them, I look at the bad voice habits those drivers left behind and remove those as well.
The results, increased confidence, better and faster connections, establishing emotional connections through your voice so you compel me to action.
Or, more time, more revenue, better relationships, next level of success that you didn’t even know you needed.