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When you work with me to uncover the psychology of your voice, you’ll have a secret weapon to instill total confidence and authority that will transform your life, business, and career. 

But don’t just take my word for it! Check out some of my amazing clients below, and learn about their results and transformations. 

P.S. These are just a few out of hundreds of stories!

"Tracy is my secret weapon. She helped me harness a powerful tool, my voice and use it in ways I’d never thought about. The coaching I did with Tracy was so powerful and has had such a life changing and long-lasting effect. As soon as I started to work with her, I started to get a different type of feedback from my audience, listeners, client’s even my wife. People wanted to know what the difference was because they could feel it and hear it. Isn’t that what we all want, to show up in such a way that we make that kind of impact?"
James Wedmore
"This experience has completely changed my life and has been the single most important self-development work I have done in many years. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to recognise and conquer some of my speaking difficulties. You are a truly talented and generous voice coach."
Stephanie Huxom
"Just one of my aha moments during our time together, revealing the best version of us is about peeling away the layers, getting to the root of our vulnerabilities, this is where our personal power lies. I realized just how much I was still performing more than connecting."
Janette Girod
"I signed up for Tracy Goodwin's class as I felt my voice was totally lacking any kind of emotion and sounded flat and boring. I recorded a video for another class which took 20 attempts. After I watched the videos, I decided that I really need to work on my voice, if I want anyone to listen and pay attention to me. Voice is important in my career as I am a Life Coach, helping people create their dream lives.
I was very impressed by Tracy's class. I learned a ton about voice psychology, and the impact of different voice techniques on success and how we show up in the world.  The class was very interactive with a lot of homework and prompt feedback from Tracy.
I was comparing my last video in this class to the first one and could tell what a huge difference it was! I was not cringing hearing my own voice which I used to do!
Tracy is great - very engaging, knowledgeable and makes her clients/students very engaged and in the class. She makes everyone feel very comfortable and creates a very safe space for expressing yourself. Tracy is extremely passionate about voice training and she gets you very excited about the voice and all aspects of it. 

I would definitely recommend Tracy and her classes - they will change your life!"
Veronica Valk
"The biggest result of this training was the realizing of the power of the voice. Tracy forced me to dig deep, find my voice and then use it in a variety of different ways. I see the results in day to day conversations with friends, colleagues, prospects and clients. And I see the results in speeches I give and workshops I host. After my last speech I had three different people comment to me about the command I had over the room. When Tracy’s tactics are employed, I’m definitely able to captivate the room."
Brad Friedman
"Thank you for sharing your wonderful Impact and Influence voice training. When I came into this group my communication was very impacted by my concern for potential criticism and the attachment to getting it right. I am now, after a very short time, empowered to bring myself into presence and connection with my message in a way that enables me to bring that effectively to my audience. I am deeply grateful and very excited about what will open up in my personal and professional relationships out of applying your distinctions. Thank you."
Madonna Holmes
"Tracy's attention to detail made me realise that baggage from my past was silencing me. To combat this Tracy challenged me to question this using the words 'Trust and the words will come.' With a shift in my thoughts I was able to do my first ever live on my counselling page. I am now able to speak with confidence using a variety of techniques that Tracy taught throughout this short, fast paced course. I look forward to working with Tracy where together we will delve deeper into the power of my voice."
Sharon Maume 
"Finding Tracy Goodwin is something I pay gratitude for every day since we very first met. Working with Tracy has been an extraordinary transformational experience and has led to much expansion with the work I do in the world as well as my personal development.

I’m a holistic guide, energy healer, Breathwork facilitator and a teacher of The Joyful Approach Life system, so my work requires using my voice to educate people and in creating impact through workshops and various styles of event’s.

Until I met Tracy, I struggled with not feeling empowered enough to speak up and speak with certainty and tapping into my strengths. Tracy brought me to realize that my voice was hindered from the trauma and PTSD I suffered with over the years along with a few other key reasons she picked up on. We had immediate results, and I so looked forward to the powerful sessions that felt infectious to me.

You see, Tracy is way more than just a voice coach.. she has a deep understanding of the psychology of the voice. She is an intuitive and she knows what to look for in immediacy to unleash any noise blocking the instrument of your unique authentic voice. She’s also going to be your biggest cheerleader, mentor and you’ll feel confidence and empowered to truly show up in your authentic expression. Reclaiming my voice along with the ability to use my voice with all my teaching, only now embodied, empowered and with so much vitality, was such a gift.

I love Tracy and I know you’ll love her too."
Joy Dushey
"Tracy is a gifted and insightful voice coach. Her work is so much more than voice coaching. Her course was personally transformative and helped me gain more skills and confidence speaking in person and in video. Each week builds through the assignments; the more you participate the more you get out of it. I highly recommend this course and working with Tracy."
Nathalie Duporteau
"When I first began Tracey’s course I wasn’t very confident with speaking on video. I tried to appear professional but had trouble remembering what I should say and was constantly worried about what people would think of me. Through Tracey’s course, I learned not only how to use my voice to captivate a room but also how to find the confidence to present, bringing to life my passion for my work through my voice. I now present with confidence, utilizing the power of my voice and owning my message with clear conviction."
Kate Boyle
"There is so much value in this training. I learnt that the subconscious mind has everything to do with the way how my voice sound, and we need to train our mind to reprogram it to achieve a great voice that we want. Tracy is an expert in her field, and it is a pleasure working with her because she knows her stuff quite profoundly. After working with her, I have improved my vocal variety, and now I feel confident to captivate my audiences with my voice. Thank you so much, Tracy!"
Jesús Parada
"As a health coach, speaking in front of an audience or dealing with people wasn't new to me, but it was always something that I struggled with when it came to knowing how to say the things I needed to say. In my mind, I needed to know the tips-and-tricks for delivering a great presentation or speech or video or consultation. Knowing this would surely give me the confidence I needed to be able communicate my message with authenticity and flair - this was my belief. 

What I have gained from my time with Tracy, is so much more than this. It's literally changed my life and also my business! The confidence and clarity I now have on how to connect with what I'm actually saying and WHY in any situation, has given me ability to deliver my message to anyone, in any context and in any setting.

The limiting beliefs and programming I took on subconsciously at an early age have been transformed and I'm able to speak with passion and purpose. The anxiety, self- consciousness or concern over judgement that I had before, now no longer gets in the way."
LeaAnn McClay
"From the first moment, I felt like I had known Tracy my entire life. She is really able to hone in on what is going on in the psyche of people when they speak. It is amazing to see. I came to the vocal training because I had lost my confidence in speaking as I wasn't able to find the words that I wanted to say whilst I was talking. Thank you Tracy!"
Teagan Morgan
"I am elated that I finally found someone who understands me and my voice! I can finally say that I feel in control of my voice. Tracy’s knowledge and expertise is bar none. The amount of information and tools I’ve gathered since the beginning of her course has blown me away. It was an amazing experience to be part of this group with people from all over the world working to improve on the same things as me. I can say with confidence that I will seek out Tracy’s expertise time and again over the years to come. She has helped me understand that the voice is the most powerful tool, and now I know how to use it!"
Nicole Gagne
"Tracy Goodwin is a genius. Her approach to voice work is unique and insightful. She deeply understands the connection between your psychology and your vocal performance. If you don’t resolve the ingrained habits that created your original vocal delivery, it doesn’t matter what new techniques you learn. In times of stress, you’ll fall back on muscle memory and continue making the same mistakes.

I highly recommend any opportunity to worth with Tracy."
Annie La Voie
"One of the things I love most about Tracy and her techniques is that she tailors her approach and her advice to every person as an individual. She knows everyone is different and responds to different things, so she doesn’t just give you a generic course, and then homework, but no support, and she doesn’t tell everyone the same thing. She works with every single person to find exactly what will help that person most and how to make them sound like the best version of themselves.

The attention she gave every single person was absolutely unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve done countless courses over the last few years. If you work with Tracy you’re not just getting a course, you’re getting a voice coach that will work with you as an individual, and you’re gaining a skill that you can use and re-use in ANY job, with ANY client, or in ANY area of your life."
Arianna Cagli
"Captivate The Room has enabled me to feel how powerful my voice is and express my story in a captivating way. Before taking this course, I thought that diction exercise would do the trick. This course taught me something even more essential. Curious? Well, what I can tell you is that now I really enjoy using my voice and really get a kick at how creative I can be!"
Claire Gerin-Lajoie
Brandon Lucero
7-Figure Entrepreneur, Host of The New Generation Entrepreneur Podcast
Michael Arden
Tony Nominated Actor & Director; Director on Rosanne
Rodrigo Caetano
Technology Strategist

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