Turning On

Turning on…

It won’t work and you’ve possibly bought into the lie.
When you go on stage, when you present, when you speak, turn it on.

I’ve heard it so many times,  “Oh, when I stand on stage, I turn it on”.

I hate to tell you but maybe you don’t and if you do… here is the problem.

We can’t connect with you when you are in a slick voice.
We can’t connect with you when you are ‘on’.

And the worst part, when you are in that mode, you really aren’t maximizing the full experience of you.

Everything has the same vocal value… everything.
If everything has the same value, how do I know what matters?

If everything has the same vocal value, why should I listen?  My subconscious says, “Oh, I already know what they are doing or who they are, so we can check out”.

You are missing opportunities.

I just worked with someone and she said “Okay, but I’m really good on stage”.
I’ve seen her on stage… she’s missing opportunities all over the place, no experience, one note…

You can do that and you can even be confident and successful (for now) if you turn it on but you aren’t maximizing, you are leaving people behind…

Is it time to level up?  If it is, then you need to stop believing and take action in turning on.


Create the Best Life with Cynthia Stant

Welcome to the show.

I’ve got a great episode with a wonderful guest today.  Cynthia Stant is with me and I’m so delighted to know her.

Cynthia is a self-made millionaire and is dropping some incredible wisdom today on the show.

Today, Cynthia and I talk about mindset and doing the work, the things that get in our way of our success, self-sabotage, and working from a place where we can have a life we love and so much more!

If you have not signed up for the Selling Through Voice Show, make sure you sign up.  It’s my first virtual online event and Cynthia will be speaking along with so many other amazing speakers.

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Meet Cynthia:

Cynthia Stant is a Self Made Millionaire, Sales Consultant to 7 Figure CEOs, Energetic Embodiment And Mindset Coach for Powerful Executive and Entrepreneur Women, and Spiritual Success Mentor to Women Leaders who are truly ready to GET IT DONE and SEE IT THROUGH!

She’s a passionate speaker who teaches artfully and authentically. Cynthia owes all of her success in finance, business, and life to her disciplined studies of Metaphysics where she has mastered the art of meditation and the ability to hone her intuition.

Cynthia’s ultimate goal is to help every woman connect to their Inner Feminine Beast™️, the highest version of you that has the power, strength, courage, and clarity to claim the life you desire and have it emerge through here in the physical. Cynthia is also the host of the Inner Feminine Beast podcast which covers topics such as business, universal laws, relationships, health, mindset, metaphysics, success, spirituality, etc.

Acknowledge It. Embrace It. See It Through.



Next Level

Welcome to the show.

I know I’ve been talking a lot lately about mindset but it’s truly a major component to success.
On the show today I’ve got a former student, Danya Douglas Hunt and mindset is her jam.
I know you are going to love hearing from her and all that she has to share around blocks and barriers that keep us stuck and not reaching our max capacity in business and in life.

Make sure you register for the Selling Through Voice Show, August 30 and 31st.  Danya will be speaking and teaching in the event.  Go to

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About Danya:

Danya is a former Olympic Athletic Therapist & Strength and Conditioning coach turned multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her main focus is helping high performing entrepreneurs master the inner game, build mental and emotional fortitude and slay the “invisible dragons” (self sabotage, fear, limiting beliefs etc) holding them back from their next level of income, impact and inner peace. 

She is YES SUPPLY certified Neuro-Linguistic Programing Practitioner (NLP), Life + Success Coach, TIME Techniques™ Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Emotional Freedom Techniques facilitator (EFT), Reiki Level 1 & 2, Reiki level 1 and 2.

Danya has worked with thousands of high level athletes and entrepreneurs helping them reach their goals easier and faster over the course of the last 10+ years, combining neuroscience, “Woo” and high performance using conscious and subconscious programming techniques.

Outside of her own business, she is trained and coaches for James Wedmore, a few other masterminds, and does Performance coaching for Purelife Organics. She has been featured on multiple platforms such as MSNBC, NBC, CBS, various publications and every podcast platform, check out more on her website. When she isn’t coaching, you can find her either lifting, kickin’ someone’s butt in Settlers of Catan, or adventuring outside on a beach or mountains with tea and her big dog, Tabata.


People Pleasing and Sales

You aren’t a people pleaser?  You will still learn a ton in this week’s episode including what sounds are working against when it comes to connecting with your buyer and how they are processing you and the experience you will create for them, plus so much more.

If you are a people pleaser, listen up…there are sounds that are coming out of your voice that are costing you revenue.

A number of specific sounds I hear in people pleaser’s voice actually tell the buyer not to buy.

If you are the expert, why are you asking my permission?  You aren’t…well, there is a sound in your voice that lilt’s up at the end of your sentences and that makes me think you are asking me.

Bothering people?  Is that a concern of yours?  Well, it’s in your voice.

What people don’t realize is that selling is not just about the words, the offer, it’s about the connection, the feeling, the experience and ALL of that happens in the voice.

In this week’s episode of the Captivate the Room podcast, I’ll be breaking down how the people pleasing mask hurts your sales.


Controlling the Outcome

Control. That’s a word that can set some people off.  No one wants to believe they are controlling or trying to control the outcome.

This week on the Captivate the Room podcast, I want to introduce you to a voice concept around controlling the outcome.

Do you try to control the outcome?

It’s creating some significant problems in your voice that you probably are not aware of.

The world taught you to believe that you can control the outcome… that is an illusion.

Here’s the thing, you can’t.
And by trying to control the outcome, you are missing the REAL place of power… using your voice to control the conversation in such a way that you make me FEEL.
If you can make me feel like I want to work with you, be around you, be a part of your experience then I will give you the outcome you want.
It’s effortless and missed by just about everyone I know.
If you are ready to step into your true power source and maximize the power of your voice by the way you make us feel, then don’t miss this episode.
Want to join me for the Selling Through Voice Show?  Sign up at

Mask of Needing to Prove

The voice mask of arrogance, it’s the worst one you can have and one that I’ve seen a lot of lately.

In this bucket is defense, arrogance, condescension… charming!

You don’t want any of these because they are all repellants and will cost you.

This is the first mask I created, but now there are many more. If you want to find out what your voice mask is, make sure you go to the link in my bio and take the quiz.

This mask is one that you pick up and put in place out of insecurity, imposter syndrome, lack of self confidence and worth.  You think it will protect you, you think it will keep you from being found out, you think it will keep you safe.

It might but it won’t – what it will do is cost you.

We can’t connect with you when you pick up any of the masks and you probably don’t even recognize you do it.  It’s subconscious, it’s in the muscle memory, it was created from your voice stories.

It has to go if you want to get to the next level of success in your business and life.

6 week program
Voice Mask Quiz


This is a big topic for me when it comes to using your voice for effective communication.  We don’t take responsibility for how we feel, think or even what we say or want to say.

Ownership is a concept that allows you space to experience conflict with ease, to speak from your heart, to create the opportunity for the listener to express themselves fully.

Ownership is devoid of expectations and assumptions.

Radical responsibility and the communication technique of ownership has the power to change your relationships, change you as a leader, get you more of what you want.

I’ll be doing a series around effective communication and relationships.  This is the first installment and I know you will benefit from it!


Clickworthy Copy w/ Anna Powers

Welcome to the show!

Today I’ve got an amazing guest on the show.

Sara Anna Powers is an expert copy writer and a former student of mine.  I’m thrilled to have her on the show!

In today’s episode we talk about the power of great copy and why it’s so important, doing a job that sucks your soul and finding something you love, how copy becomes even more important as we head into a recession, literal voice in relation to the words and so much more.

I know you are going to love hearing from Anna!


Guest Bio

Anna Powers is a Conversion Copywriter and Online Business Mentor who helps her clients get paid to write copy through her Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™. A former civil litigator, Anna now uses her background of analysis and strategy to support 7- and 8-figure business owners with their messaging and to train and certify copywriters so they can build thriving online businesses. Past clients’ results include a $4.4 million launch, quadrupling email open rates, and doubling annual revenue.

Find Anna online at .

Instagram: @saraannapowers

Register for the 3-day Clickworthy Copy Event here:


Mindset w/ Bill Teubel

I’ve got a special guest on the show today and I know you are going to love our conversation about Mindset, specifically the book Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck.

Bill Teubel is on the show today and he is the CFO of one of the company’s I have the pleasure to work with.  I met Bill about 3 years ago when we put together a group for some of his colleagues at TrueNorth Companies.  Little did either of us know that over 3 years later we’d be coaching strong.

Bill understands the value of this voice and communication work I do on a deep level and we could have spoken about the work I do but we are actually having a conversation about the book Mindset.  Bill introduced this book to me and I loved it!

I see fixed mindset as resistance  Over the years Bill and I have had some valuable conversations about the difference in growth and fixed mindset, the benefits and so much more.

I know you are going to find this conversation fascinating and valuable.  If you’ve not read this book…run go get it now!


Bio: With over 20 years of financial, strategic leadership and management in varying industries such as: public accounting, government contracts, data management, avionics and insurance; Bill is responsible for overall financial management of the company, its financial reporting and transparency, as well as long-range planning and corporate and strategic development. Bill is involved in many professional associations including American Association of Certified Public Accountants, Marsh Berry, and the Burand Networking Group. He serves on the Advisory Board for Rough Notes, Kaplan University and Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Education: Mr. Teubel graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He furthered his education by attending Colorado State University and achieved an MBA in Management. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.


Creating an Invitation with Your Voice

Welcome to the show!

Creating an invitation

Did you know you can create an invitation with your voice?

You can and you must.

Most people don’t create an invitation because they are pushing, driving their ideas, their words.

Most people feel they need to convince or say a lot of words but that shuts the door on inviting people in through your voice.

Trying to get it right, having a grip on your voice…no invitation.

Think about when you use your voice in a way that is inviting…?

Your people closest to you.  You create an invitation because you feel comfortable, less or not judged but yet when you go to the office or online in a video or podcast or even in an interview, no invitation.

Judgement or the potential of it so you have to pull back…or so you think.

But it’s costing you.

The expert invites us in.

The expert knows they know.

The expert knows they don’t have to know it all.

When you can use your voice as an invitation, the entire world changes…so does your following, retention, revenue!

Don’t miss this episode!