Investing in You w/ Peter Esho

Welcome to the show!

I’ve got a great episode for you today.  My guest on the show is Peter Esho who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for several years.  Peter has been a client of mine and he is truly one of the best communicators I know.

In today’s episode, Peter and I talk about powerful communication strategies, what life has been like running a business during a pandemic, building a team, being a great leader and so much more.

I don’t want you to miss this episode, I know you will get so much value from Peter’s wisdom.


Guest Bio


Peter Esho

Peter’s journey includes a background in investment management and real estate investment. Prior to Co-Founding Wealthi, Peter worked with Morningstar Inc and Invast Global.

The Real You

Welcome to the show!

Today, I’m talking about your REAL voice.  Many people don’t speak in their real voice, even big names and big slick speakers on the stage.

Your real voice shows me who you are, how you feel…it is a dynamic, interesting, fun, serious revelation of the real you, and now more than ever, it’s critical that we know YOU.

I’m watching people desperately search for real people, real people are found behind real voices.

It’s not about getting the words right or doing it perfectly.  It’s about being real, relatable, just like us.

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Needing to Convince Mask

Welcome to the show!

Today I’m talking about the needing to convince mask, what it is and what it’s costing you.

A lot of people believe that they have to convince others in words or in tone.  It’s actually costing you what you want.

Today, I’m talking about the mask itself, what is behind and the reasons it’s not working for you.

There is a voice story that makes you believe you have to convince me of something….you don’t.

You can get what you want without putting up a need-to-convince mask.

I think you will love this episode!

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Why Aren’t You Captivating?

Welcome to the show!

Why don’t you captivate your listener?  Well, there is a myriad of reasons and every person is unique in these reasons.  What is going on in your head is part of the problem when it comes to you not being as captivating as you have the potential to be.

Are you thinking about what we are thinking about?

In the outcome?  The past?

Playing small and safe?

Think you are being expressive but you are not?

Today, I’m talking about why you aren’t captivating the room and what it takes to captivate!

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Your Perfect Voice

Welcome to the show.

You don’t have to create a perfect voice, you just have to get back to the perfect voice you were born with before the world took it away.

I don’t believe you have to create a voice that sounds great, you have one.  What you have to do is take away all the layers and masks and barriers that you’ve put in place with the help of your subconscious trying to keep you safe and all the critics and events in your life.

It’s important to take the layers away.  It’s the only way you will find that most perfect and gorgeous voice that represents you to the fullets.  Your real voice that is buried under all the masks and layers IS the true definition of authenticity.

Let’s find your real and most perfect voice today.

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Getting Visible w/ Allie Martin

Welcome to the show!

Today I’ve got an amazing guest with me and we are talking all about getting visible.

No matter what your profession, the time is now to get visible in podcast episodes, video, social media, and even the news.

Allie Martin is a PR expert and today she’s sharing with us some amazing information on why social media is so important,

How to make social media easy,

Showing up on video,

Getting visible through media channels in the world and so much more.

Even if you are not an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you will still get so much out of this episode!


Guest Bio

Allie Hembree Martin is a visibility expert and owner of Fame and Fortune. She works with female entrepreneurs to elevate their brand and gain credibility and cash through proactive public relations and strategic social media. She formerly worked in public relations for Amazon, Alltech, Kendra Scott, and the International SPA Association. She also produces and hosts a podcast called Selfish, a show dedicated to self-care and following your dreams!


Tentacles in vs. tentacles out

Welcome to the show.

What in the world am I talking about today?  Something that you might vehemently reject!  You can’t read the room.  You can’t.  You can’t let the audience and what you think they are thinking to determine how you are going to show up with your voice.

It’s crucial that we find the best version of you.

But this is what we do.  We change and adjust and become what we think they want us to be based on what we see.  But what happens when we can’t see?  It’s a problem.

It’s a problem either way.

It’s time to start showing up with the best version of you, every single time regardless of what you think you are seeing, what you think we are thinking.

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Restoring Your Spirit w/ Tami Imlay

Welcome to the show!

I’ve got a great episode for you today.

Often times we are blindsided by life.  I often talk about our inability to control the outcome.  Every single moment of tragedy and triumph, how we use our voice is a part of our journey.

Today, I’ve got a very, very special guest with me.  Not only is Tami a former student, but she’s also doing amazing work in the world after being blindsided by her husband’s death.

In today’s episode, Tami and I talk about what it means to use your voice,

How we can use our voice to help others,

The experiences we have that become our message for those of us a few steps behind on the journey and so much more.

You are going to love this episode!


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Guest Bio

Tami Imlay is the owner of Tami Marie Coaching and Host of Her Restored Spirit Podcast. Tami is an Air Force Veteran and an Air Force Widow. She believes that there is opportunity and hope in every circumstance and hardship and knows that her God-given purpose is to help widowed and divorced women find theirs.

Tami took “knowledge is power” to another level. She guides people to make the choice changes in their life that allow for transformation, restoration, confidence, and life changes, enabling individuals to step boldly into their future.

Blending her knowledge and experience as a therapist, project management and leadership in the Air Force, understanding of the Enneagram, and her passion for changing the future, she has stepped into her God-given calling as a Restoration and Confidence Coach.


Expanding Your Reach w/ April Meese

Welcome to the show.  You are in for quite a treat today!

With me on the show is my amazing friend, April Meese who is an incredibly talented businesswoman who can teach you how to take your business to the next level in big ways.

Today, April and I are focusing on her expertise in getting publicity for your business.  April has packed today’s episode with so much great content when it comes to getting your name or your business in front of your ideal client.

April and talk about her signature method for gaining publicity,

why publicity is so important,

exact steps to take to get visible and so much more!

You don’t want to miss this episode.


Guest Bio


April Meese has been an aesthetician since 2001 and a permanent cosmetic professional since 2005.  She’s traveled internationally as a skincare speaker and addressed worldwide audiences with a special television appearance on the Dr. Oz Show in 2010, as well as a skincare expert on QVC. Ms. Meese opened Enhancing Beauty in New York City and quickly grew the business to a multiple 6-figure permanent cosmetic business, while only working part-time 3-days a week.  April was soon elected to the SPCP Board of Directors and later received the SPCP Ambassador Award in 2017 for her continued industry assistance.

Putting her business degree and marketing minor to good use, April founded the online marketing program Elevate Your Beauty Business where she helps PMU professionals increase their income up to 50% with the AMP-lify method. She is also the host of the “Beauty Marketing Simplified” Podcast.  Her passion is helping other female entrepreneurs around the world so that you can increase your income and impact with less stress.

You can find April:


Inner Freedom, the Next Level of Confidence

Welcome to the show!

In pillar one of Psychology of the Voice, I unearth the stories that are holding you back, eradicate the drivers that are calling the shots on how you use your voice.

When the stories are unearthed and we work from the place of not trying to find the right words or any other noise in our heads around using our voice, we find a new level of confidence.

Inner freedom, knowing you have the words, the right words, and that they will be there for you.

Many people think they are confident and it’s possible they show up pretty confidently but there is another level and its confidence from the inside, inner freedom.

Inner freedom is why I do this work.

Let’s take you to the next level in how you show up and use your voice.


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