CEO Mom with Mary Ann Hill

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Today I’ve got a former student on, Mary Ann Hill.  I think you are going to like this discussion about mom’s being the true CEO’s.  Oftentimes we don’t think about the leadership that being a mom takes but truly, mom’s are the ultimate leaders.

In today’s episode Mary Ann is sharing her concept around mom’s being the ultimate leaders, the ultimate CEO’s.

We talk about the role of the mom, why mom’s tend to think less of themselves when they should think more, labels, beliefs and what it takes to lead.

I think you are going to like this conversation!


Guest Bio

Mary Ann loves good food, good stories, and really good chocolate. Her favorite title is Mom – with Grandma, recently added.  Mary Ann is an educator and a coach transforming moms from the role of janitor to CEO in their homes. She has a B.S. in Educational Psychology and is graduating in 2022 with a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. She believes that motherhood is the ultimate training ground for leadership and that raising heroic humans is within the reach of every mom.


When she’s not doing schoolwork, coaching, or teaching piano, she loves to hang out with her adult daughters, go on walks with friends, and obsessively organize her calendar.

Her 5-minute claims to fame include being on the cover of a La Leche League’s book Mothering Your Nursing Toddler and having her picture on the MTV website in her Alice costume during the height of her Twilight obsession.

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram @coachingwithmaryann


Body/Voice Connection w/ Dr. Bri

Welcome to the show!

You are in for a treat today.  With me on the show is Dr. Brianne Grogan who happens to be a former student of mine.

In today’s episode Dr. Bri and I are talking about her area of expertise, pelvic health but you might be stunned to find out you actually may have a pelvic floor issue.

Now, pelvic health may not be a topic that you think you need to hear about but did you know that there was a voice, pelvic connection?  There is.

Dr. Bri and I are going to be talking about stress, lifestyle, taboo topics and more.  No matter where you stand on your pelvic floor, you don’t want to miss this episode!

Not only is Dr. Bri going to deliver some great information but I have to tell you, Dr. Bri knows how to use her voice to captivate the room!


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With nearly 250,000 subscribers on YouTube, articles featured on MindBodyGreen, courses on DailyOM, and a 5-star reviewed book, Dr. Bri is a leading voice in the field of holistic pelvic health and wellness. She is loved for her down-to-earth, compassionate approach and for making pelvic floor fitness fun and accessible. Bri graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2006 from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Today, she leads a global online community, helping women and men all over the world live life vibrantly!

Voice Masks

Voice masks, that’s what I’m talking about today on the podcast.  What are voice masks?  Tiny sounds that you are putting in your voice without even knowing it.  These sounds are meant to protect you, but they cost you.

Voice masks are sounds that come from identities that come from voice stories and they do not represent the best version of you.  In fact, when you pick up a voice mask (without even realizing it) you create an instant block to our connection with you.

Voice masks are costing you next level retention, following AND revenue.

In today’s podcast I’m covering the origin of these masks,

the different masks and how they overlap,

how these masks are costing you and what you need to do to start getting in front of the masks so you can take your business and your relationships to the next level.


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Commanding the Space with Your Voice

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Have you ever wondered what it would take to command the space with your voice?  When you spoke, everyone listened?  Today, that’s what I’m talking about.

Commanding the space with your voice and reflecting the expert that you are, playing big vocally and ensuring that you talk with a voice that makes people listen is not only easier than you think but critical to your next level of success.

In today’s podcast I’m going to be talking about what it takes to command the space with your voice and why that is so important.


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Holes in Your Voice

Welcome to the show!

Today I’m talking about holes in your voice.  What are holes in your voice?  They are literally that, a hole that I can poke through.  We hear holes subconsciously and they represent ways we can get what we want.

Holes are not a good thing and if you have them in your voice, chances are good you are not commanding the space and standing in confidence all the time no matter what the circumstances are.

When you plug the holes in your voice you can stand in more power, feel more confident and get more of what you want.

Let’s plug the holes in your voice!


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Finding Creativity w/ Dawn Baja

Welcome to the show!

With me today is a super special guest, one of my former students and an amazing artist, Dawn Baja.  Dawn has an amazing story about how she got into art and how she uses art to impact others positively.  She’s also just one of my favorite people that I’ve ever worked with.

Today, Dawn and I are talking about art,

Voice and how it’s similar to art,

How she finds inspiration,

Finding her voice,

Confidence, Connection and Commanding the space and so much more!

You don’t want to miss this episode!


Guest Bio

My inspiration comes from many things…living abroad, nature, music, art, and yoga. As a family, we look at life as an adventure. Our approach is live your best life so you have no regrets. The pandemic was a reminder of that. So, after 20 years of living in northern California, our family made the decision to relocate to Las Vegas. Say what?! Yes, the whole purpose was to experience life in a place that was so completely opposite from our California lifestyle. A brand new adventure…you know, when just stepping out your front door is an experience of discovery in a whole new city! And it’s been a blast! We are embracing the beauty of our new city, and all the unique elements the desert brings. Already my new surroundings are influencing and inspiring what I paint!

The Voice Grip

Welcome to the show!

The voice grip.  Do you have one?  Today on the podcast I’m talking about what I call the voice grip.

If you do, it’s costing you potential business.  We can hear it and we are making decisions in our subconscious about that grip that are not working in your favor.

It’s like a tightness in your voice, it’s a grip.  We can hear it.  You can feel it.

Like a kinked off garden hose, the water just won’t flow.
If you are a perfectionist, trying to get the words right, controlling…chances are good there is a grip in your voice.
Why is this a problem?
Because a grip tells us subconsciously that we can’t get in.
We want in, we want to connect but a voice grip, we just bounce right off of you.
Do you have a voice grip?
Listen to this weeks episode to find out!  And if you do, we need to unkink your garden hose!

No Fear with Charmaine Ironside

Welcome to the show!

Today I’ve got a special guest who has been up to big things in the world.

Charmaine Ironside is with me today and she has recently been on the front lines in Canada at the trucker rally.  What was so powerful to me in her presence and minute to minute boots on the ground play by play via video, was how far she’s come in relation to judgement.

Charmaine’s story is inspiring before we even talk about voice work and standing on the front lines.  Charmaine was a student of mine and to know her concerns about using her voice when she arrived her to seeing her on the front lines using her voice in big, big ways was incredibly inspiring to me.

Today, Charmaine is giving my listener’s a play by play on what drover her to go to Ottawa and why it was so important for her to share her voice.  We touch on how she made the shift from fear of judgement to bold use of a voice filled with love.

The best part, not silencing herself changed her business and was the opposite of what the fear of being silenced led her to believe would happen!

I know you are going to love this episode!


Guest Bio

Charmaine has many passions and the core of her work is helping women release weight, get healthier, and love the skin they’re in. 


After painfully struggling for 20 years with her weight, body image, and chronic yo-yo dieting, Charmaine commuted herself to discovering and creating an approach to end the struggle for herself and others


Her approach includes unconventional nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset upgrades plus a ton of love and support to help women create lifelong positive health habits and have lots of fun along the journey to their healthiest bodies and happiest life!!


Charmaine has a University education as a Kinesiologist specializing in exercise prescription, injury rehabilitation, nutrition, and psychology and has helped thousands of people transform their bodies and lives since starting as a Fitness and Transformation Coach in 2010. 


After a devastating snowboard crash ended Charmaine’s Olympic Level snowboard career and left her almost paralyzed in 2009, she took her passion for movement and started 2 gyms and Transformation centers called Ironside Fitness. She recently started offering her services virtually so she could serve her clients at home and around the world. 


Charmaine enjoys all the hats she wears, including being a mom to a fabulous daughter and energetic son, a wife to an incredible husband, and an entrepreneur who is constantly looking for ways to help people live happier and healthier lives.


To get awesome tools for weight loss, holistic health, fitness, and living the happiest and healthiest life possible follow Charmaine here on INSTAGRAM ︎




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The Convincer Mask


Unravelling the Layers

Welcome to the show!

Today is really part two as a follow up to 7 layers of sound.  In today’s episode I’m going to share with you the process of how I unravel the layers of sounds that are blocking your real voice.

Everyone has layers of sound blocks and barriers that are limiting the reveal of their real voice.

Now more than ever it’s critical to reveal layer 7, your real voice with the fullest expression of who you really are!