Lead w/ Your Voice in Crisis

Welcome to the show!

Wow, what a crazy time.  A lot has changed in our world since my last episode.  I have worked from home for years and I was still very thrown off my game.

I had to figure out moving forward with my son at home, his college plans, everything had to be reflected on and then I needed to see how I could best serve you in the coming months.

One of the things I did was a live training on leading with your voice in times of crisis.  It’s the content from that live training that I’m sharing with you today.

I’ve got a young people’s voice program I’m rolling out and I will run my Captivate the Room course tester program starting in about a week.  

If you are interested in either of those programs you can email me directly.  

For the teen girls program you can go to 

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Reclaim Your Real Voice w/ Eden

Welcome to the show!

I’m super excited about my friend, former client, and guest Eden who’s with me on the show today.

This episode is going to be especially great for anyone who has really struggled to use their voice in a number of ways.  Eden came to work with me a while back, and I know his story is going to resonate with so many of the listeners that I wanted him to go on the show.

Today Eden and I talk about:

What his challenges were as an English as a Second Language learner,

Choices he made with his voice that were creating issues for him,

The ways he struggled to use his voice in life and how that was affecting his success,

What he learned in voice coaching,

How his life has changed since he changed not only his voice but also his mindset.

Don’t miss this episode!

Guest Bio:

Eden is a dentist who shares his voice journey, from feeling more comfortable in silence to do an improv show. He’s taken voice lessons with two different vocal coaches in the past. It wasn’t until he worked with Tracy that his voice opened up dramatically, all with a deep dive into mindset and the subconscious. He hopes that by sharing his story, you get the courage to change your self-limiting beliefs and change your voice.