Great Voice, It’s Not Just for Actors

If you think needing to have a good voice is just for actors, you don’t want to miss my conversation today with Chris DeBlasio.  Chris is a television and film executive producer; public speaker and branding expert and he understands how critical voice is.

If you are ready to step up your C-level game, then you will love hearing from my special guest.  In today’s episode, Chris and I talk about the power of voice for professionals,

The ever-changing climate of video platforms in business,

How to command a presence and why stepping up your game on video is important,

Why it’s important for executives and professionals to know how to speak well,

How to build confidence and command a presence and so much more!


Guest Bio

Chris DeBlasio, the CEO of Agency 850 and 850 Entertainment, is a television and film executive producer, public speaker, and branding expert. He has +16 years in the entertainment business as both an actor and producer.

DeBlasio got his start at the School of Film in Manhattan, NY with teachers who instructed the likes of Edward Norton, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Peter Sarsgaard, and others. After receiving training he landed roles on the nationally broadcasted One Life to Live, CSI: NY, and other day-time television. This early success gave DeBlasio the confidence to pursue a full-time acting career in Los Angeles California.

During his time in LA, Chris’s entrepreneurial spirit kept emerging. He started working with his contacts in the movie business to fulfill the emerging need for mobile content. Chris listened to their needs and developed a new way for movie content to be shown on smartphones. This technology took off and DeBlasio started Agency 850.

Agency 850 is now headquartered in Atlanta, GA which has a thriving entertainment industry. As CEO, DeBlasio oversees a staff of writers, producers, social media managers, and branding experts to administer CEO and Personal branding services to leaders in cutting-edge industries.

850 Entertainment’s studio is located in Marietta, Georgia. This is the headquarters for all movie and TV content produced by DeBlasio. The facility is over 16,000 sqft with 4,000 sqft of administrative offices and production facilities.

Through his own branding work and ability to be comfortable on stage, DeBlasio has been asked many times to speak to audiences about acting, the movie industry, as well as personal and CEO branding.

You can find Chris’s personal branding knowledge online by searching for his own professionally produced CEO branding show called “C-Level with Chris DeBlasio” where he discusses business success and strategy with CEOs from all over the world.

You can find Chris here:



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Emotional Connection with Your Voice

If you are focused on the words, getting the words right, and not creating an experience with your voice, you are missing over a third of your audience and countless opportunities.

Today on the podcast I’m going to discuss using your voice to create an emotional connection.

You can continue to do what you are doing and be successful, but there is another level of success and it’s created when you can establish an emotional connection.

When you want to get the outcome you want, this is the fastest way to get there.

If you can use your voice to create this connection beyond words, then it’s clear, through your voice that you are the person your audience has been looking for.

Today we will discuss:

What your audience is listening for

Why it’s critical to move the experience beyond words

What you are missing and what your audience is missing in your voice

Creating the experience you want your listener to have

Using your voice to control the conversation and get the outcome you want

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The Most Important Thing

If you are doing all the things and still not making the revenue or creating the following you want, then it’s time to look at your voice.

In today’s episode, I want to talk to you about your greatest asset to compel people to take the action you want them to take, your voice.  So many professionals and entrepreneurs never realize nor step into the true power of their voice.

After you listen to this episode you will see how your subconscious is trying to keep you playing small,

You’ll see why your voice is so important to your success,

Why just showing up is not enough and so much more.


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One Take Wonder

Learn how to do just one take and make it impactful when you record videos or solo podcast episodes.

Most people do more than one take and what they don’t realize is that they are making their delivery worse with every take.

In today’s episode, I’ll teach you how to deliver your content like a pro and in just one take.  The ultimate goal, become a one-take wonder.

By the time you finish listening, you’ll learn:

The worst thing that happens when you do more than one take,

What is keeping you from just doing one take,

How your subconscious is tricking you by making you redo and redo

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