People don’t buy because of what you say.
They buy because of how you say it.

Your voice has the capacity to take people on a journey, grow your following, and skyrocket your revenue.

But 99% of the world will never take advantage of the singular tangible instrument that has the power to control your destiny.

Why? Because they don’t understand how to alchemize their voice. But I do.

The Psychology of the Voice® has become the secret weapon of some of the biggest names in celebrity and business.

I’m going to share that secret weapon with you.

Right now, you’re leaving thousands, if not millions, of dollars on the table by not maximizing the power of your voice. Connection happens within the voice – within the subconscious, microscopic sound elements are present in every word you say.

It’s not about the words you use. Anyone can recite words on a page.

It’s about how you say them.

Think of your favorite movie. If that same script, with the exact words and punctuation, had been in the hands of John Doe next door, would that movie have the same attraction? Would you love it just as much?


Because you didn’t discover the love you have for the movie within the script- you found it in the emotion of the person saying the words and the feeling their voice instilled within you.

That’s what happens when you listen to someone who has learned how to orchestrate their heart.

Your voice is the sound of your heart manifested.

Every voice has 7 layers to it.

What you hear when someone speaks is the culmination of their words—the marriage of thousands of microscopic sounds mingling together to form a person’s voice.

That’s why I say that your life story lives within your voice. Every experience you’ve had, from the time you were born up until right now, can be found and identified from your voice.

Don’t feel daunted by that fact – allow it to excite you.

I can hear your ideal voice the second you speak to me. I know what your soul is meant to sound like, how your heart yearns to sing, the same way an expert chocolatier knows what flavors a perfectly roasted cocoa bean is calling forth.

My job is to synthesize your sound beautifully and bring to life your soul’s luscious, thick, fruity, delicious sounds of your heart.

The 7 layers of a voice are divided into three Buckets of Sound.

The Bucket of The Past

The sounds within this bucket (usually comprising the first 3-4 layers of your voice) were formed by your past.  I call them voice stories.™

The Bucket of Voice Masks™

Your voice masks™ are the subconscious messages you’re sending to everyone who listens to you speak. They will exist within 1-2 layers of your voice. Voice masks™ aren’t the same as the microscopic sounds that tell your story — instead, the voice masks™ are the lessons you learned or internalized from that experience as a form of subconscious self-protection.

The Bucket of Your Soul

Remember how I told you that your authentic voice is the sound of your soul? This voice exists when all 6 layers covering the 7th layer are pulled away.

This bucket is where I find how much you’re holding back.

It’s time to heal your voice, layer by layer so that your soul and heart are in perfect harmony with your true voice.

Psychology of the Vocie® isn’t about cut and dried suggestions.
This is about an endgame.

When you use, understand, and embody the unique psychology of your distinct voice, you’ll learn to present yourself with confidence.

And more importantly, you’ll learn how to make people feel safe with you and your message.

I don’t use a singular blueprint for each student for one reason: it simply doesn’t work.


What worked for my client James Wedmore, an 8-figure Digital CEO, probably wouldn’t work for my client Dawn Baja who’s an outstanding Abstract Artist.

What worked for my client Selena Soo, a Publicity and Marketing Strategist, probably wouldn’t work for my client Sara Anna Powers, a Conversion Copywriter.

And I thank God for that every single day.

Because I don’t want 10 billion versions of the same voice walking this earth. I want YOU, with your unique message, to display your heart to the world and use it for connection.

This is why when you work with me, you’ll get a personalized strategy too.

Together, we will go layer by layer to dissect, understand, and heal every block and wound hiding within your vocal folds.

You might be wondering… why not go to any other vocal coach?

Here’s the thing: you can. There are many excellent vocal coaches out there. But when you’re suffering from a heart condition, do you go to your General Practitioner and ask her to perform heart surgery?