Finding Your Message w/ Beverley Simpson

Welcome to the podcast!

I’m so excited to have you with me today and I can’t wait to share this episode with my friend Beverley!

Beverley and I are in a business mastermind together and ever since the day I met her I just adored her.  But, she also an incredible businesswoman and a master at messaging!

Beverley primarily works with leaders in the fitness industry but don’t let that stop you from listening to our episode because she is dropping some incredibly useful information in the episode.

I know you are going to love hearing what she has to say about messaging, using your voice and so much more!

Guest Bio

Beverley Simpson, owner of BSimpsonFitness, Former Fitness Manager for Crunch in Manhattan, New York turned online business owner. Currently a certified personal trainer and pre/postnatal specialist. (NASM CPT, FMS I & II, PN2, SFG I,) and dozens more certifications in movement. I’m passionate about the science of training, and I’ve helped hundreds of trainers package their genius into products and helped them sell their service without feeling sleaze-y.


Also a mom of two daughters under the age of two, and watched my body transform from fit coach to pregnant coach to new postpartum coach in a different but same body twice. Once I discovered that body transformation DEPENDS on body acceptance, I was finally able to lose over 50 lbs and KEEP it off without dieting and spending hours in the gym, and I’ve helped dozens of moms do the same thing.


Voice Mask Needing to Prove

Welcome to the show!

Ahhh the old needing to prove mask, this is a BIG one.

I can’t even begin to tell you the damage this mask causes and how many people are wearing it!

I hear this on the daily, I hear it in sales, I hear it in life.  It’s REPELLING people and it has to go, it’s costing you business and it has to go.

It’s highly possible that you’ve been hiding behind this mask for far too long.  If you are wondering why you might not be getting the deals you want, why you might not be building the relationships you want, you might not be where you want to be…well, maybe you need to see if you are trying to prove something…like your worth.

It won’t work, ever!  The best reveal of you is what we are after, that’s what is key to your success.  Voice masks keep us out, isn’t it time to let the mask down and let us in?

I promise you, it’s better to let it go.


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Voice Masks People Pleasing

Welcome to the show!

Are you a people pleaser?  You might be shocked at how many people are.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about the mask of people-pleasing and just what it’s costing you!

People-pleasing does change your voice and it definitely affects how we process your voice subconsciously.  Ultimately, it’s hurting your income, your connections, and your success.

Even if you think you aren’t a people pleaser, you might not want to miss today’s episode!

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Voice Masks: Chip on Your Shoulder

Welcome to the podcast!

I think you are going to like the next 3 episodes, a series I’m running all about voice masks.

I created the idea of voice masks because I could hear people hiding behind a sound, that sound came from a story, an experience, driven by the subconscious to keep you safe.

The problem, they keep you from success and many of them are repellants.

Over the next 3 episodes, I’ll be talking about 3 of the most toxic voice masks that could potentially be hurting you…if you have them.

I think you’ll like this episode!

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Adam Lucero


Getting Out of Your Head with Jen Forster

Welcome to the show!

You are in for a super treat today!

With me on the show is another guest, another Australian, and someone who’s work is so aligned with my Psychology of the Voice I can hardly believe it!

Jen Forster is with me today and I met her in the group that Tyson and I spoke about in last week’s episode.

Jen and I had an incredible conversation about patterns and habits and how we sabotage ourselves.

Jen helps people rewrite these patterns so they can get out of their heads and make decisions with ease.

I know you are going to love this conversation and feel like you’ve known Jen your whole life!

**Make sure you check out the website, I’m running another group coaching program in early August and I don’t want you to miss it!


Guest Bio

Jennifer is an entrepreneur, holds a Master in Business, has pioneered change for women abroad, succeeded as a competitive sportsperson, adventured globally and solo parented two kids. But as a ‘serial overachiever’ her success came at the cost of broken relationships, inner conflict, and burnout. In her book, The Power of a Peaceful Woman: 49 Ways to drop the armor and defuse the drama, she shares her 49 practical ‘real-life lessons’ that were the catalyst for getting her out of her head and into her heart and ultimately gave her a deeper level of peace, happiness and aligned her with a purpose-filled, abundant life.

For further information:



Order Jen’s book on Amazon, your favorite online store, or by clicking here:



Transcend Your Patterns and Speak Your Truth w/ Tyson Sharpe

Welcome to the show!

Today I’ve got an amazing guest that I know you are going to love hearing from, Tyson Sharpe.  Tyson’s work is so aligned with Psychology of the Voice Effect, I know you are going to love hearing from him.

Tyson and I had a great conversation about ego,

Needing more vs. giving,

How to find inner freedom,

How to build a business you love and so much more!

Guest Bio

If you have ever felt as though you need to ‘achieve’ to feel worthy of love, your growth may not come from another business strategy, but a shift in consciousness.
Tyson has coached hundreds of online business owners helping them transcend their patterns of fear, doubt, and frustration so they can build a more conscious business as an extension of their personal awakening. He does this by connecting ancient wisdom, eastern philosophies, and western psychology with modern-day business building.
Tyson is the creator of the online community ‘Connect Contribute Collaborate’ and is also the host of the ‘Awaken Your Business’ Podcast.
He believes that when you build a business from flow, creativity, and love, the universe will gift you opportunities that mirror the inner peace you feel. If you are ready to take your heart’s leap and create a meaningful difference, Tyson’s superpower is helping you to develop your wings to fly.