In the wise words of Carol Burnett:
“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!”

Well, actually, it was Norma Desmond. But Carol made it mainstream. . .

Official Bio:

For over 30 years, Tracy Goodwin has been a true expert in voice technique and storytelling. She is a professional actor who directed plays in several countries, and she’s world-renowned for her expertise in teaching her clients how to connect with and captivate their audience.

Tracy has a BFA in Directing, two MA’s, and has coached hundreds of people around the globe on how to step into their voice power, sound more confident, heal their voice story, find their authentic voice, and make a significant impact with their message. Her true purpose is to be a voice coach through her proven approach, Psychology of the Voice®.

Whether you’re an actor, speaker, entrepreneur, business executive, leader, or podcaster, Tracy will help you unmask your voice, layer by layer, so that your soul and heart are in perfect harmony with your authentic voice.

When she’s not acting, directing, or coaching her clients into greatness, Tracy enjoys watching her son excel as a budding Anime cartoonist or catching a beautiful sunset melting into the horizon on the beach near her home on the coast in Florida.

 When God called me to utilize my gift and create Psychology of the Voice®, I had no idea it would lead to being featured in these amazing publications…

Dissect and Address the Actual Fears of Public Speaking

I had the pleasure of writing a guest article on NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist Chris Delaney’s website. In this article, I share a case study of my former client, who we’ll call “Beth.” Beth initially contacted me about accent reduction. Beth was contemplating quitting her job as a department manager because she was required to give presentations as of late. And, big problem– Beth was TERRIFIED of public speaking!  Click here to read the article Dissect and Address the Actual Fears of Public Speaking about how working with me helped Beth overcome her mental blocks and stop feeling like a failure.

Healing Our Voice Story, Why it’s Essential

I believe the most powerful tool you have is your voice. So when I was asked to write an article for, I decided to discuss the importance of healing your voice story. Because we must heal our voice story and lay in good vocal habits to confidently share our message. Learn more by reading the article Healing Our Voice Story, Why it’s Essential.

Words are everything, and they are nothing– it’s how you
bring them to life that changes lives.

I’ve appeared on these podcasts (and so many more to come!)

Why does 8-figure Digital CEO James Wedmore call me his “secret weapon in his life and business? Listen now to discover how your voice is a hidden tool you can learn how to harness so you can see new levels of success. Click here for Mind Your Business Episode 369: Uncover the Instrument You Need to Amplify Your Messaging for a Bigger Impact.

Despite having been on television more than 1,500 times over the past ten years, my former client Peter Esho says that the techniques I taught him completely changed his perspective and confidence in communication.

Peter is the co-founder of a real estate investment platform called Wealthi and has worked for over 20 years in wealth management. Click here to listen to Episode #44 of the Captivate the Room podcast entitled Investing in Property and Voice with Peter Esho.

Film and Television

The stage was my first love. And although I grew up in a family where I wasn’t allowed to use my voice, I began winning awards through speaking contests at age 12. I’ve been an actor from a young age and directed plays worldwide, in addition to voice coaching.

Discover Your Vocal Archetype Quiz

Want to know you’re unique voice personality? Curious to understand the archetypes of your vocal masks so that you can better shift them, eradicate your stories, and transform your vocal identity? Take this quiz to find out!