It’s Your Turn to

Captivate The Room

With a few simple sound shifts, get the sales you deserve and the connection you desire using your most powerful tool– your voice.

Hey y’all

I’m Tracy.

Over the last 34 years, voice has been my life.

Through voice coaching with me, my clients learned how to harness the power of their voices simply by shifting sounds that were sending the wrong message.

I’ve had the honor of transforming the lives of hundreds of people such as:

Now, I’m here to help you unravel the unconscious blockages you have in your voice.

The sound of your voice
is misrepresenting who you really are.  The problem…your listener does not know that, they just know what they hear.

Let me show you how to transform the blockages
within all 7 layers of your voice to help you discover your identity and reveal your real voice.

You might already recognize that your voice is layered and complex.

Your voice is 7 layers deep. It’s rich, it’s multifaceted and it has a story to tell.

My expertise and gift to the world is a unique ability to analyze and strategize how you can best use your voice.

The fact that you’re here reading this right now is evidence you’re ready to share your story.

Imagine how it’ll feel when you communicate with complete confidence because you know exactly how to use your voice as a powerful tool for the highest good in your personal and professional life.

Ready to reveal your real voice?

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You get to grow your voice and influence when you share a few details below:

Ever have that nagging feeling that something’s not quite right in your life in business?

“What’s the missing link?”, you keep asking yourself. You have a great offer with a solid promise. Your price point is competitive. What’s the issue?

You probably realize the worst comes out in your voice when you sell.

Yep, that’s what’s been off– it’s your voice.

Those microscopic sounds you don’t even consciously hear– THEY hear it. Your tone and the layers of nonverbal communication are buried beneath your “stage” or “sales” voice.

And it’s costing you. You’re leaving money on the table.

When you learn how to use your voice through my signature process, the Psychology of the Voice®, you get to deliver your offer with confidence as your authentic self.

You’ve been hiding your voice.

It’s not on purpose. You’ve been wounded, struck down at the most vulnerable times, and your subconscious has learned that it’s not safe to embody your true voice.

You’ve unknowingly put up blockades to keep the criticism out, but your vulnerability is hidden within.

Sure, these walls worked for a little while. They protected you. But now? They’re hindering your progress and cutting into your bottom line.

People don’t trust you as they should.

Thankfully, your hiding isn’t too complex for me.

I’ll help you connect with your most authentic voice so that you experience the community you’ve been craving not only within your sphere of influence and with your clients but also through deeper intimacy with those closest to your heart.


I make more money because of Tracy! I landed a client today from the webinar I did for! They couldn't believe somebody on a webinar talked so much like themselves. They said "we felt like we would have fun with you so we wanted to have a follow up call today to make sure that was still the case." I landed the client on the spot. They want to pay me in full before we begin.
Sherry Quam Taylor
Before Tracy, I was terrified to speak on video. I spent years hiding, but wishing I could "get out there". My speaking confidence was at an all-time low. After working several months with Tracy, I put out SEVERAL videos to my audience, and gained the confidence to communicate with ease. Her tools and programs are seriously life-changing.
Samantha Hardcastle
It blows me away how effortlessly Tracy made major changes in my voice. I have talked this way for over half a century and have always hated the way I sounded and she gave me the techniques to make major changes. I even feel more confident. If any of you have this very rare opportunity to attend the boot camp with her please go. It is a life changer. Thank-you Tracy!
Kevin Jackson
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I will never teach you a technique.

(At least NOT in the traditional sense of voice coaching!)

There is not a cut-and-dry roadmap to discovering your true voice – your soul’s orchestra, as I call it. That’s why traditional techniques haven’t helped you.

Technique is about adding more layers, more tools. They might serve you briefly, but more techniques will simply bury your soul’s orchestra even deeper in the long run.

Instead, I will facilitate you in true transformation.

This isn’t about counting how often you say “like” or “um” within a day. It’s not about learning where to place your tongue to speak more clearly.

This is about eradicating the voice stories™ that stand in the way of you using your voice for its true purpose — human connection.

Maximize your Voice by Working with Me
Because Your Voice is the Key to your Next Level of Success

You have 3 opportunities to work with me and learn to master your true voice.

Captivate the Room

Build a solid vocal foundation by learning, understanding, and uncovering some of your most prominent vocal masks™. Learn directly from me with 22 high-level videos and accompanying coursework so that you can start the journey to transforming your identity by shifting your voice on every level.

Group Coaching

When you enroll in group coaching with me, you get a 12-week program designed with you in mind where you’ll grow in an intimate community of 8 people MAXIMUM. During your group coaching experience, you’ll successfully identify the blockages and subconscious stories held within each of the 7 layers of your voice. Then, we’ll shift these voice stories™ to transform your voice without a ton of technique.  No, we’ll uncover your most commanding, authentic and captivating voice so your message is heard.  

Private, 1-1 Coaching

I only take on a select few private coaching clients each year. If you’re a high achiever ready to transform your entire life to leave a true imprint on the world, you can join the waitlist for private coaching here.

Destiny is ready for you – But you have a choice.

Run from your true calling and keep your identity hidden under layers of voice masks™, never speaking with your soul’s orchestra… or make today the first day you press play for the world to hear your unique sound.

“Your voice is the most powerful tool you have
when you know how to use it.”

–Tracy Goodwin

Over the last 30 years, I’ve had the honor of transforming the lives of hundreds of executives, business professionals, celebrities and 7-figure entrepreneurs simply by shifting sounds that are sending the wrong message out of their voice.