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If you aren’t getting to the next level in your business and personal life, chances are good…it’s your voice. To change your voice forever for the better it’s an inside job… Let’s re-write your Psychology of the Voice® story.

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Tracy helps executives, professionals and entrepreneurs at the top of their game get to another level of success they didn’t even realize was possible.

Tracy transforms your life by changing how you use your voice to communicate and by shifting the tones in your voice that aren’t working for you so you:



Tracy, I would like to thank you for all the hard work that you have put into the past month. Despite having been on television more than 1,500 times over the past ten years, the techniques you taught me and notes...

-   Peter Esho

Tracy is my secret weapon.  She helped me harness a powerful tool, my voice, and use it in ways I’d never thought about.  The coaching I did with Tracy was so powerful and has had such a life-changing...

-   James Wedmore

Over the last 30 years, I’ve had the honor of transforming the lives of hundreds of executives, business professionals, celebrities and 7-figure entrepreneurs simply by shifting sounds that are sending the wrong message out of their voice.


My voice work is all about taking you back to where you started before life got in the way, back to your real voice. From the first time you were told to shut up, your subconscious mind started protecting your heart and deciding how your voice would sound.

Your Tone of Voice Could Be Hurting You

It’s very possible you are speaking with a tone of voice that is not revealing the best version of you. Sometimes you take a tone and it’s obvious and other times there is emotion in your voice that you don’t realize is seeping out. Tone has the ability to cause serious damage for your relationships and your success. It’s critical that you get rid of all the voice tones that are not serving you.

Speaking About Psychology of the Voice® Effect at Podcast Movement

A video clip about Psychology® of the Voice and how it’s critical for everyone to work on their voice so they reveal the best version of who they really are, not the version with a voice full of masks and barriers that keeping us from know who you really are.

How to Speak with Authority and Command the Space

In order to command the space and be the authority voice in the room it’s essential that your voice is working for you and not against you. When you think of voice you might think of actors and singers or even speakers but when I talk about voice, I’m talking about the sounds that are in your voice that are limiting your success, your confidence, your ability to connect with others and of course keeping you from captivating the room.

Just a few of the companies where Tracy’s helped individuals with next level voice and presentation technique


Ready to learn step by step how to reclaim your real voice and speak with confidence and authority? I’ll show you how in my step by step guide, Captivate the Room with Your Voice. Join countless others who are stepping into the power of their voice and speaking with a voice that makes people listen.
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