I believe you’re here because you’re seeking connection. And you’re here because your voice deserves to be heard.

Whether it’s a lack of connections in your personal or professional life, missed sales opportunities, or your relationships are a mess, you’re not here by accident.

You’re here because you desire a deeper connection with those around you.

But your voice has been stopping you.

Now more than ever, people are seeking connection and desire to hear your real, authentic voice.

It’s time for you to create an inner sense of safety so you can clearly and confidently share the fullness of your story. Your audience deserves to hear your life-changing message.

It’s time to play big. No more hiding!
It’s time to let people hear the orchestra of your heart.

Rewrite the noise in your head, transform your identity, and work from a place of power… all from simple shifts in the 7 layers of your voice.

Signature Course

Captivate the Room

Become an expert in Psychology of the Voice® with this 22 video self-paced course.

Build a solid vocal foundation by learning, understanding, and uncovering some of your most prominent vocal masks. Learn directly from me with 22 high-level videos and accompanying coursework so that you can start the journey to transforming your identity by shifting your voice on every level.

Coaching Experiences

12 Week Group Coaching

This high-touch container is perfect for massive breakthroughs, cellular-level identity shifts, and a true connection to the orchestra of your heart.

All connection happens within your voice. So whether you are searching to become a better manager, increase your business revenue, land a TEDx speaking gig, or simply connect on a deeper level to all humans, this 12-week program is designed for you.

Receive direct coaching from me and invaluable lessons as I coach the limited number of fellow students within your cohort. Ground into your body, orchestrate from your heart and listen as your soul comes alive.

Private Coaching

1:1 Coaching With Tracy

I take on a very limited number of private, 1:1 students each year for high-level, intimate coaching. We work together as a team to dive into the deepest folds of your voice and story. Utilize my expertise and ability to hear sounds the size of a grain of sand to commit to making identity-level transformations that will be with you for eternity.

Free Resources

Captivate The Room Podcast

Unravel your voice masks, discover the stories behind each layer of your voice, and step into your power with the Captivate The Room Podcast! Join me and curated guests as we discuss how to understand the Psychology of the Voice™ and become a captivating speaker, entrepreneur, partner, and human.

Discover Your Vocal Archetype Quiz

Want to know your unique voice personality? Curious to understand the archetypes of your vocal masks so that you can better shift them, eradicate your stories, and transform your vocal identity? Take this quiz to find out!

The Voice Experience


In one night, learn the basics of my signature process and transform your vocal identity through hot seat coaching and a clear roadmap to vocal success!