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Captivate the Room Podcast

Stop Listening to Yourself

Welcome to the show! Today I’ve got a controversial one for you.  Stop listening to yourself, stop replaying your video, stop recording yourself and deciding

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Circumvent Sales

Welcome to the show. Today I’m talking about blocking sales with your voice.  It happens in multiple different ways but the sneakiest of all is

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Being the Real You

Welcome to the show! You may think you are being the real you, but in many subtle tiny ways you are not.  There are a

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Braced for No

Welcome to the show! One of the biggest problems that I see people struggle with when it comes to their voice and asking for something,

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Comparison and Your Voice

Welcome to the show! Comparison and your voice.  You might not have thought about a connection before but there is one, a big one.  In

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No Rewatching

Welcome to the Show! I’ve got a great episode for you today, stop watching your videos!  or audios or any playback for that matter. I

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Shades of Shades

Welcome to the show! I recently had the opportunity to speak at a few events and one of the highlights of those presentations was speaking

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