Voice Repellants

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You may not realize that there are sounds in your voice that are repelling people, like ideal clients.  Repelling is a strong word but everyone has an aversion to different sounds.

We can look at the five elements of vocal variety and find aversions, we can also look at certain voice masks and find aversions along with the tone of voice and so much internal noise that is coming out in the voice without you even realizing it.

Today, we are talking about what is stopping your next level and it’s all in tiny sounds you may not even know exist!

Voice, it’s an inside and an outside job but it’s time to get back to who you really are so you can show up as the best version of yourself.


Voice Stories

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Today I’m talking about voice stories and the noise that creates the foundation for Psychology of the Voice.

Stories come from experiences, things people say, environment, culture.  Oftentimes these stories in our mind, these voice stories are created from negative experiences.  The subconscious mind puts the voice in place.

The voice is the orchestra of the heart and the subconscious wants to protect the heart.  The negative experience comes in, the sub-c goes to work, limiting the voice.

The stories play out over and over and keep the habit locked in place.

The result, not the real version of you, the smaller, safe version of you.

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Performance Voice Won’t Work

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One of the things that we are seeing in the data is the Millenials are refusing, polished, perfect, on, radio guy voice.  They want to know who you are.

We are also seeing data where people are more desperate to connect with real people, who let them in vocally and reveal their most authentic self vocally.

No surprise to me as someone who has tracked data around voice and done numerous research programs of my own for years.

What worked for my generation, slick, on, performance voice that is often taught and created through voice technique, won’t work anymore.  When you are slick and polished we are enamored and captivated for a time…but then, when we cannot connect we move on.

Is your audience moving on?

If your business is not where you think it should be, then you may be hiding behind the performance, playing safe.

Let’s change that so you have the best 2022 ever!

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Quantum Change w/ Nicole Culver

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You are going to love hearing from my guest today.  Nicole Culver and the work she does is so aligned with Psychology of the Voice.

Nicole is an expert at shifting your mindset and pointing out your blind spots and changing where you are working from.  Just like voice stories, she works in business stories and beliefs that are keeping you from getting to the next level.

Nicole works with the mindset and in helping her clients find the exact strategy to help them grow their business!

My favorite thing though is Nicole is one of those people that you just really want to be around, listen to and learn from.

Today Nicole and I talk about mindset and blocks and the things we repeat that are not serving us.

We talk about strategy and how even the best strategy won’t serve you unless you have your mindset aligned.

We discussed how hard we can be on ourselves and the ways we sabotage our own success…and so much more!

You are going to love today’s episode.


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Guest Bio

Nicole Culver helps online coaches take quantum leaps in their business with digital products. She is a certified Master NLP coach, hypnotist, and mindset expert who helps coaches amplify their results by combining the right mindset with the perfect “for them” business strategy. Nicole loves to coach her clients and students so they can see beyond their limitations and open up to what’s truly possible for them.