Quantum Change w/ Nicole Culver

Welcome to the show!

You are going to love hearing from my guest today.  Nicole Culver and the work she does is so aligned with Psychology of the Voice.

Nicole is an expert at shifting your mindset and pointing out your blind spots and changing where you are working from.  Just like voice stories, she works in business stories and beliefs that are keeping you from getting to the next level.

Nicole works with the mindset and in helping her clients find the exact strategy to help them grow their business!

My favorite thing though is Nicole is one of those people that you just really want to be around, listen to and learn from.

Today Nicole and I talk about mindset and blocks and the things we repeat that are not serving us.

We talk about strategy and how even the best strategy won’t serve you unless you have your mindset aligned.

We discussed how hard we can be on ourselves and the ways we sabotage our own success…and so much more!

You are going to love today’s episode.


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Guest Bio

Nicole Culver helps online coaches take quantum leaps in their business with digital products. She is a certified Master NLP coach, hypnotist, and mindset expert who helps coaches amplify their results by combining the right mindset with the perfect “for them” business strategy. Nicole loves to coach her clients and students so they can see beyond their limitations and open up to what’s truly possible for them.