Performance Voice Won’t Work

Welcome to the show!

One of the things that we are seeing in the data is the Millenials are refusing, polished, perfect, on, radio guy voice.  They want to know who you are.

We are also seeing data where people are more desperate to connect with real people, who let them in vocally and reveal their most authentic self vocally.

No surprise to me as someone who has tracked data around voice and done numerous research programs of my own for years.

What worked for my generation, slick, on, performance voice that is often taught and created through voice technique, won’t work anymore.  When you are slick and polished we are enamored and captivated for a time…but then, when we cannot connect we move on.

Is your audience moving on?

If your business is not where you think it should be, then you may be hiding behind the performance, playing safe.

Let’s change that so you have the best 2022 ever!

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