Danya Douglas Hunt

Joey C. Vitale

Chrissy Ajisafe

Selena Soo

Adam Lucero

Tracy is my secret weapon.  She helped me harness a powerful tool, my voice, and use it in ways I’d never thought about.  The coaching I did with Tracy was so powerful and has had such a life-changing and long-lasting effect.  As soon as I started to work with her, I started to get a different type of feedback from my audience, listeners, client’s even my wife.  People wanted to know what the difference was because they could feel it and hear it.  Isn’t that what we all want, to show up in such a way that we make that kind of impact?

James Wedmore

Tracy Goodwin’s fast-paced, hands-on Impact and Influence voice training course has forever changed my appreciation of voice, my own and others.  Her teaching approach went beyond words, showing us how to reveal the best version of ourselves and in doing so captivate the room.  Tracy’s mastery of vocal variety for unleashing the power of our voice was a real treat to learn and practice within a safe environment with learners also on this voice journey.  Another highlight for me was having received Tracy’s honest, from the heart coaching during live sessions, along with her written feedback and insights on assigned homework.  The Impact and Influence voice training course has absolutely given me the confidence to evolve my own master of voice.

Dee McCroreySales Associate

The biggest result of this training was the realizing of the power of the voice.  Tracy forced me to dig deep, find my voice and then use it in a variety of different ways.  I see the results in day to day conversations with friends, colleagues, prospects, and clients.  And I see the results in speeches I give and workshops I host.  After my last speech, I had three different people comment to me about the command I had over the room.  When Tracy’s tactics are employed, I’m definitely able to captivate the room.

Brad FriedmanFriedman Media Group

Tracy is a gifted and insightful voice coach. Her work is so much more than voice coaching. Her course was personally transformative and helped me gain more skills and confidence speaking in person and in video. Each week builds through the assignments; the more you participate the more you get out of it. I highly recommend this course and working with Tracy.

Nathalie DuporteauReal Estate Investor

“Working with Tracy has been an eye-opening experience. I’m not a native English speaker. I moved to the states when I was 8 years old. I picked up English fairly easily but I never liked the way I sounded… to the point that later on in life I changed my voice to sound deeper! It seems silly now, but at the time I thought I sounded better, more mature, with a deep voice. In reality, I had a monotone, fried, and nasally deep voice that I still hated. I often had to repeat myself when I talked. It got so bad that I would rather not say anything than voice my opinion. Hiding from the world, trying my best to shrink into a little ball when I talked. All because I didn’t want to speak.

Tracy helped me find my real voice. I hated my voice so much. It had a lot to do with my perception of self-worth, my people-pleasing tendencies, my fear of judgment/opinions from others. As we worked on my mindset a funny thing happened, my voice improved and without a ton of vocal exercises! My jaw opened up when I spoke without having to force my jaw open. With my jaw being open, flow and rhythm came along for the ride. Who knew I could speak with emotion and emphasis, without it feeling fake.

I’m now more confident and I feel less anxiety at work and my everyday life. I know that I can be myself, in my real voice, and be happy with that. As a side note, I have tried two different vocal coaches in the past couple of years before I met Tracy. Both coaches were musically trained and focused on vocal exercises to help with my voice. I would sound good in the sessions but I could never make it stick in real life. It was always my mindset holding me back.”