Finding Your Celebrity with Steve Bridgewater

Welcome to the Show

I can’t even begin to tell you how much you do NOT want to miss today’s episode on the Captivate the Room podcast.

With me on the show today is my friend Steve Bridgewater.

Steve is the coach that brought Heath Ledger his brilliant performance as the Joker.  Steve’s also the coach that changed the game for Robert Patrick, and led Brad Pitt to brilliance.  I guarantee you that at least one of your favorite actors or shows was touched by Steve.

Just like I work in sounds the size of a grain of sand, Steve works in movement so nuanced you would have NEVER known how much something so small was costing you.

In today’s episode we talk about being stiff and how we feel that through the lens of your IG reel or videos

How much being uncomfortable is costing you and how uncomfortable it’s making us feel,

Why you bobbling head is distracting us from your message and causing us to scroll on by,

Likeability and how critical that is to your on camera presence,

How eye contact is the death to whatever your doing and how much impact you are NOT making without out,

AND so much more including great stories about your favorite actors.

This episode is for you if you are ready to step into your own start power and be the celebrity of your business…

I hope you’ll join us, June 22nd.  The link to register for this paid workshop is in my bio.


Steve can teach you things you’ve never seen anyone teach in the business space.

Steve simply looks at your video or watches you deliver your introduction on camera and he is able to instantly give you three or four things you can do better.  Better to draw in your ideal client, rivet them to the point it’s a no brainer they’ll work with you.

When I say there is no one with this experience or unique training anywhere online in the professional and entrepreneurial space…I mean it.

Nowhere else can you learn from the man who made the most iconic Joker of all time funny, transformed The Terminator into a Soprano or was flowing out TWICE to coach Brad Pitt on the set of 12 Monkeys.



Guest Bio

Mr. Bridgewater is a personal acting coach to many of the biggest names in film and television.

Just a few of his clients include: Robert Patrick (Terminator, X Files and Scorpion), Benicio Del Toro (21 Grams, Traffic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges, Heath Ledger, Theo Rossi (Sons of Anarachy). Project credits: 12 Monkeys, The Fisher King, Walk the Line, Ladder 49, Mississippi Burning, Roseanne and Forest Gump. Bridgewater also serves as a casting consultant to various A-List directors, network executives, directs and produces as well.