Presence and Impact

This week’s podcast is all about how actors and on camera training is actually similar to entrepreneurs and business professionals and their goals when it comes to using their voices.

It might seem like they are different…but they aren’t.  Actors and professionals are after the same things…presence, commanding the space, being memorable, making an impact, drawing people close for deep connection…

I have to tell you, the number of times I’ve heard from someone that they aren’t going to be an actor or a speaker is so frustrating.

Maybe not if you don’t want to be an actor or if you don’t want to learn slick speaker voice but this is much bigger than slick speaker voice.

Do you want to command the space?  Have a presence?

If you are doing a video as an entrepreneur, a zoom call with a client as a professional, standing on a stage …you want to command the space and have presence.

So do actors.

But they also want to make an emotional connection with their listeners.   Actors want all eyes on them as they captivate their audience.

They want to use their eyes in such a way that you lean in and connect.

So do business people and entrepreneurs.

And everyone wants to create special moments, magical moments that you can share with the audience.

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