Finding Your Message w/ Beverley Simpson

Welcome to the podcast!

I’m so excited to have you with me today and I can’t wait to share this episode with my friend Beverley!

Beverley and I are in a business mastermind together and ever since the day I met her I just adored her.  But, she also an incredible businesswoman and a master at messaging!

Beverley primarily works with leaders in the fitness industry but don’t let that stop you from listening to our episode because she is dropping some incredibly useful information in the episode.

I know you are going to love hearing what she has to say about messaging, using your voice and so much more!

Guest Bio

Beverley Simpson, owner of BSimpsonFitness, Former Fitness Manager for Crunch in Manhattan, New York turned online business owner. Currently a certified personal trainer and pre/postnatal specialist. (NASM CPT, FMS I & II, PN2, SFG I,) and dozens more certifications in movement. I’m passionate about the science of training, and I’ve helped hundreds of trainers package their genius into products and helped them sell their service without feeling sleaze-y.


Also a mom of two daughters under the age of two, and watched my body transform from fit coach to pregnant coach to new postpartum coach in a different but same body twice. Once I discovered that body transformation DEPENDS on body acceptance, I was finally able to lose over 50 lbs and KEEP it off without dieting and spending hours in the gym, and I’ve helped dozens of moms do the same thing.