Voice Mask Needing to Prove

Welcome to the show!

Ahhh the old needing to prove mask, this is a BIG one.

I can’t even begin to tell you the damage this mask causes and how many people are wearing it!

I hear this on the daily, I hear it in sales, I hear it in life.  It’s REPELLING people and it has to go, it’s costing you business and it has to go.

It’s highly possible that you’ve been hiding behind this mask for far too long.  If you are wondering why you might not be getting the deals you want, why you might not be building the relationships you want, you might not be where you want to be…well, maybe you need to see if you are trying to prove something…like your worth.

It won’t work, ever!  The best reveal of you is what we are after, that’s what is key to your success.  Voice masks keep us out, isn’t it time to let the mask down and let us in?

I promise you, it’s better to let it go.


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