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Your voice determines if your client picks you or not.

 It also tells us everything about you.

Your voice has sounds in it that are costing you and causing your ideal client to walk away.

Your ideal client is seeking sounds…are they hearing them in you?

Not playing full out?  You aren’t revealing sounds that represent your real voice, your true authenticity and they hear it.

Your client wants to pick you, learn to use your voice, all of your voice and take your confidence, credibility, retention and revenue to the next level.  

Confidence, Authority, Knowledge, Credibility and Trust

are ALL found in the voice and you may not have those sounds.

Lately I’ve been hired to coach 7 figure entrepreneurs during their launches and corporate sales teams……and I am seeing some key voice work that is

exponentially improving launches/sales

particularly in the areas of: 

I am so pleased with what I’ve seen happen that I wanted to bring this training to you for a fraction of the cost

It is okay if you are not launching, you might, you will and you certainly are making calls to action and these key techniques will help you in every ask, even if it is to get podcast reviews or downloads.




is the program that will fix the bottleneck…your voice so that you stand out above the noise,
lead with impact and influence, make offers and handle objections confidently and effortlessly…



is a transformational small group coaching container that will teach you how to maximize your voice to connect with your audience on a deeper level, be the leader you always knew you could be, create the revenue you know you can make, have the relationships, the impact and the authority you’ve always dreamed of.



Are you delivering the full experience for your listeners?

In launches, CTA, and content delivery…what is your voice telling your audience?  

Is it saying…

YES, you can trust me

YES, keep listening because I get you

YES, I’m the one to help you

YES, this is the experience of ME

YES, this is all of the shades of ME

YES, we I will be available for emotional connection

YES, I’ll get you where you want to go and I’ve been where you’ve been

Or are you coming up short when it comes to making an impact on your audience and maybe even feeling the need to convince them to work with you? 


I want every sound you speak to represent the authentic you and speaks to your ideal client’s experience.

Here’s the program I’ve put together for you that is specifically tailored for a small group coaching experience AND reflects the work I’ve been seeing such incredible results from with 6, 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs. 

The next level retention & sales

Take your business to the next level

The ONLY program to focus on leveraging your voice to increase connection, retention, and amp up your revenue so you can:



Confidence, Authority, Knowledge

Learn to lead with impact and credibility.

Find your real voice and stop relying on words and what you think we want you to buy. Step into full authority and reflect that with ease and vocal buy. Unearth the noise of the Voice Stories™ that have cost you confidence and authority in your space and rewrite the internal dialogue so you can start working from the right place internally to create the sounds you want externally that represent who you really are, sounds that make people listen.


Connection and Playing Big

Remove the barriers that are keeping you safe, small and hidden

Find your real voice and learn to play big and command a presence so that people listen and engage with what you have to say from your first word. Stop pretending, start impacting. Find your voice superpower and learn to lead with presence. Discover Voice Masks™ that are creating the blocks and barriers of sound that are costing you and remove them so you instantly connect with your buyer and are able to effortlessly reveal the details of your offer and discuss any objections fearlessly with presence and power.


Authentic Presence

No more captivate, only captivating from here on!

Create the experience that fully reflects you that draws your ideal client to you and turns them into hot leads ready to buy so you increase retention and revenue with your voice. Reveal your authentic voice with ease and all the reflections of your identity to ensure your ideal clients pick YOU every time. Unleash all the shades of your fullest expression. No more playing small as you release all the sounds of the experience of you that your buyer is hoping to hear. Reveal from the fullest expression of you and where you have been and where you are going, reveal the bits of you and shades of feeling that have held you captivate for far too long.

And of course there are BONUSES!

Bonus #1: 10 second pitch training

Bonus #2: Objection training, busting objections with your voice.

Bonus #3: Alexa Junge, lead writer of friends teaching confidence audio.

Bonus #4 Conflict and Saying Hard Things.

Bonus #5 Two 30-minute solo coaching sessions

If you want to rise above the competition you have to stand out and the number one way to stand above the crowd is with your voice.

Your voice is the instrument that establishes know, like and trust.

Your voice is the instrument that has the ability to draw people in or repel them.

Your voice is the instrument that can reflect to your listener their story and what’s on the other side of that story if they pick you.

The problem is, you aren’t leading with impact, you aren’t free to reveal the real you and the
transformation starts on the inside.

You are the bottleneck; your voice is keeping you stuck because your voice is not reflecting confidence or even representing who you really are.

It’s time to stop pretending, it’s time to find your voice.

The voice doesn’t lie. You are trying so hard to be what you think we want you to be in order to buy and that performance is costing you. We hear everything on the subconscious level. We hear you believing we won’t buy. We hear the script, we hear the doubt, we hear the struggle to get the words right.

What we don’t hear is the true reflection of ourselves in your voice, in the real you.

To lead with authenticity, you must know how to reflect that in your voice.

If you are ready to stop hiding behind sounds that are costing you, if you are ready to stop pretending and start revealing the sounds that represent your true identity that make your ideal clients say YES, THIS is the one, then this program is for you.


Next Level Retention and Sales - Pay In Full

Total Value = $23,691

PAY IN FULL Price = $5045


Next Level Retention and Sales - Monthly

Total Value = $23, 691

4 MONTHLY Payments = $1286/Month


Next Level Retention & Sales - Pay In Full

Total Value = $23,691

 PAY IN FULL Price = $5,045


Next Level Retention & Sales - Monthly

Total Value = $23,691

4 Monthly Payments = $1,286/month

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This 3 month program is perfect for you if…

In a digital world, your customers and clients are craving

Human connection

The #1 way to create the revenue you desire is with your VOICE!

Answers to Your

frequently asked questions

Yep, you sure can! In fact, you’ll be uniquely positioned to tackle your first launch with more tools and confidence than your average entrepreneur. The Alumni Launch Simulator could very well be one of your best launch investments.

You don’t have time not to invest in this program. Your voice is how people will decide who you are if they know, like, and trust you, and if they are going to buy from you. You can spend all the time in the world doing things to build your business but if I can’t listen to you, it’s all for nothing.

Our focus is solely on using your voice during a launch. There are many programs out there that can teach you all the nuts and bolts of launching, but none that focus on the transformative effects of the voice work we do in this program. So, for best results, you’ll want to have a good understanding of the logistics of launching to complement this program.

Yes! I’ll provide personal review and feedback of your work throughout the program. If you’d like additional 1:1 time with me, you can choose the solo session add-on at 60% off my regular solo session rate.
This is a clear start to finish launch or ask process. You will select specific material(s) that we will work on throughout our time together.

Yes, there are nuances in your voice that are negatively affecting engagement, following retention, and definitely revenue. While we can’t guarantee outcomes (only YOU can do the work, after all!), people at all different levels have experienced amazing transformation through this program. From entrepreneurs who are just starting out, to 6- and 7-figure business owners, our clients are blown away by the changes they make and the results they see after working with Tracy.This is a clear start to finish launch or ask process. You will select specific material(s) that we will work on throughout our time together.

The great thing about your voice is that there are always adjustments you can make to improve your speaking! You will get increased connection, assurance that you are being received by your ideal client with confidence and credibility. You will also learn to reveal all the feeling and the shades of feeling that are critical for revenue. I’ve worked with highly visible, 7-figure entrepreneurs like James Wedmore and Selena Soo, and they’ve made changes that resulted in great feedback from their audience and (even better) more revenue for their business.

If you want to sound confident, credible, like the authority, reveal your authentic and real voice, establish instant connection, and make sure your client picks you. This is for you. This program if applied will increase retention and revenue. If you want to grow your confidence, influence, authority, or business, this program is right for you! Even if you don’t have plans to become a paid speaker, you still need to speak to your customers, clients, audience – everyone who matters for your business! Once you learn what’s holding you back and how to release it, you’ll be able to connect with people more quickly and easily, which directly translates to a more engaged audience and more revenue.


Next Level Impact, Retention & Sales - Pay In Full

Total Value = $23,691

PAY IN FULL Price = $5045


Next Level Impact, Retention & Sales - Monthly

Total Value = $23,691

4 Monthly Payments = $1286/month


Next Level Retention & Sales - Pay In Full

Total Value = $23,691

PAY IN FULL Price = $5,045


Next Level Retention & Sales - Monthly

Total Value = $23,691

4 Monthly Payments = $1,286/month

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