Create the Best Life with Cynthia Stant

Welcome to the show.

I’ve got a great episode with a wonderful guest today.  Cynthia Stant is with me and I’m so delighted to know her.

Cynthia is a self-made millionaire and is dropping some incredible wisdom today on the show.

Today, Cynthia and I talk about mindset and doing the work, the things that get in our way of our success, self-sabotage, and working from a place where we can have a life we love and so much more!

If you have not signed up for the Selling Through Voice Show, make sure you sign up.  It’s my first virtual online event and Cynthia will be speaking along with so many other amazing speakers.

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Meet Cynthia:

Cynthia Stant is a Self Made Millionaire, Sales Consultant to 7 Figure CEOs, Energetic Embodiment And Mindset Coach for Powerful Executive and Entrepreneur Women, and Spiritual Success Mentor to Women Leaders who are truly ready to GET IT DONE and SEE IT THROUGH!

She’s a passionate speaker who teaches artfully and authentically. Cynthia owes all of her success in finance, business, and life to her disciplined studies of Metaphysics where she has mastered the art of meditation and the ability to hone her intuition.

Cynthia’s ultimate goal is to help every woman connect to their Inner Feminine Beast™️, the highest version of you that has the power, strength, courage, and clarity to claim the life you desire and have it emerge through here in the physical. Cynthia is also the host of the Inner Feminine Beast podcast which covers topics such as business, universal laws, relationships, health, mindset, metaphysics, success, spirituality, etc.

Acknowledge It. Embrace It. See It Through.