People Pleasing and Sales

You aren’t a people pleaser?  You will still learn a ton in this week’s episode including what sounds are working against when it comes to connecting with your buyer and how they are processing you and the experience you will create for them, plus so much more.

If you are a people pleaser, listen up…there are sounds that are coming out of your voice that are costing you revenue.

A number of specific sounds I hear in people pleaser’s voice actually tell the buyer not to buy.

If you are the expert, why are you asking my permission?  You aren’t…well, there is a sound in your voice that lilt’s up at the end of your sentences and that makes me think you are asking me.

Bothering people?  Is that a concern of yours?  Well, it’s in your voice.

What people don’t realize is that selling is not just about the words, the offer, it’s about the connection, the feeling, the experience and ALL of that happens in the voice.

In this week’s episode of the Captivate the Room podcast, I’ll be breaking down how the people pleasing mask hurts your sales.