Mastering the Gift of Messaging w/ Brandon Lucero

Welcome to the show!

You are in for such a treat today.  With me on the show is my mentor Brandon Lucero.

Brandon is the master of messaging…putting all the words together in just the right way so that you turn your listeners into raving fans and customers.

There is so much to the work Brandon has created and I’ve loved every minute of learning from him.

I know I don’t talk about words too much but I always say that Brandon’s work with words is the gift and my voice work is the wrapping paper for it.

Brandon has created an incredible business and methodology around messaging. The Video 4X Effect is incredibly unique and has changed the lives and success of many!

Today we talk about his struggles and what it took for him to find his true purpose and create from that place, as well as the work that he does, why he does it and all the ways it’s critical to the next level of success.

Brandon is one of my favorite people on earth and I know you are going to love hearing from him.


Guest Bio

Brandon is the founder of the Video 4x Effect Methodology, which fixes and elevates content inside of online brands and companies. He is responsible for millions of views and products sold online by focusing your content and messaging on changing beliefs, shifting perspectives, and the psychology of engagement, selling, and behavior.

You can find Brandon at: