Controlling the Outcome

Control. That’s a word that can set some people off.  No one wants to believe they are controlling or trying to control the outcome.

This week on the Captivate the Room podcast, I want to introduce you to a voice concept around controlling the outcome.

Do you try to control the outcome?

It’s creating some significant problems in your voice that you probably are not aware of.

The world taught you to believe that you can control the outcome… that is an illusion.

Here’s the thing, you can’t.
And by trying to control the outcome, you are missing the REAL place of power… using your voice to control the conversation in such a way that you make me FEEL.
If you can make me feel like I want to work with you, be around you, be a part of your experience then I will give you the outcome you want.
It’s effortless and missed by just about everyone I know.
If you are ready to step into your true power source and maximize the power of your voice by the way you make us feel, then don’t miss this episode.
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