Mask of Needing to Prove

The voice mask of arrogance, it’s the worst one you can have and one that I’ve seen a lot of lately.

In this bucket is defense, arrogance, condescension… charming!

You don’t want any of these because they are all repellants and will cost you.

This is the first mask I created, but now there are many more. If you want to find out what your voice mask is, make sure you go to the link in my bio and take the quiz.

This mask is one that you pick up and put in place out of insecurity, imposter syndrome, lack of self confidence and worth.  You think it will protect you, you think it will keep you from being found out, you think it will keep you safe.

It might but it won’t – what it will do is cost you.

We can’t connect with you when you pick up any of the masks and you probably don’t even recognize you do it.  It’s subconscious, it’s in the muscle memory, it was created from your voice stories.

It has to go if you want to get to the next level of success in your business and life.

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