Turning On

Turning on…

It won’t work and you’ve possibly bought into the lie.
When you go on stage, when you present, when you speak, turn it on.

I’ve heard it so many times,  “Oh, when I stand on stage, I turn it on”.

I hate to tell you but maybe you don’t and if you do… here is the problem.

We can’t connect with you when you are in a slick voice.
We can’t connect with you when you are ‘on’.

And the worst part, when you are in that mode, you really aren’t maximizing the full experience of you.

Everything has the same vocal value… everything.
If everything has the same value, how do I know what matters?

If everything has the same vocal value, why should I listen?  My subconscious says, “Oh, I already know what they are doing or who they are, so we can check out”.

You are missing opportunities.

I just worked with someone and she said “Okay, but I’m really good on stage”.
I’ve seen her on stage… she’s missing opportunities all over the place, no experience, one note…

You can do that and you can even be confident and successful (for now) if you turn it on but you aren’t maximizing, you are leaving people behind…

Is it time to level up?  If it is, then you need to stop believing and take action in turning on.