Body/Voice Connection w/ Dr. Bri

Welcome to the show!

You are in for a treat today.  With me on the show is Dr. Brianne Grogan who happens to be a former student of mine.

In today’s episode Dr. Bri and I are talking about her area of expertise, pelvic health but you might be stunned to find out you actually may have a pelvic floor issue.

Now, pelvic health may not be a topic that you think you need to hear about but did you know that there was a voice, pelvic connection?  There is.

Dr. Bri and I are going to be talking about stress, lifestyle, taboo topics and more.  No matter where you stand on your pelvic floor, you don’t want to miss this episode!

Not only is Dr. Bri going to deliver some great information but I have to tell you, Dr. Bri knows how to use her voice to captivate the room!


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With nearly 250,000 subscribers on YouTube, articles featured on MindBodyGreen, courses on DailyOM, and a 5-star reviewed book, Dr. Bri is a leading voice in the field of holistic pelvic health and wellness. She is loved for her down-to-earth, compassionate approach and for making pelvic floor fitness fun and accessible. Bri graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2006 from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Today, she leads a global online community, helping women and men all over the world live life vibrantly!