The Value of Development w/ Ashley Ferguson

Welcome to the show!

I’ve got a great friend and business associate with me today, Ashley Ferguson from TrueNorth is here and we are going to dive deep into the value of learning and development.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ashley and the colleagues of TrueNorth for going on four years now.  I love bringing people from this amazing company on the show.

My conversation with Ashley is especially important because she gets the value of the work that I do and the value of always improving, learning and developing.

I think you are going to love this conversation!


Guest Bio

With over 15 years of human resource and people strategy experience, Ashley Ferguson proudly leads TrueNorth’s award-winning Training & Development team. Fueled by a passion for helping people achieve their full potential, Ashley has spent the past three years developing programming that harnesses the power of TrueNorth’s workforce in exceptional, collaborative and resourceful ways, while ensuring they feel a sense of connection and belonging to something greater. Ashley serves on the Eastern Iowa Workforce Development Board, where she is the Chair of the Youth Committee. She also volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters and local youth sports programs. Ashley studied Cinema & Art History at the University of Iowa. She lives in Iowa with her husband Mike and three children, Madalyn, Marshall and Maddox.