Resistance and Regret

Resistance and results, it’s much harder to get the results you want with resistance.

Welcome to the show!  Today as we head into a new year, I want to talk about resistance and not just the obvious resistance.  I want to talk about the sneaky kind, the kind of resistance that feels like you are making the right choice, you are playing big.  You aren’t your subconscious has tricked you into believing you are great onstage even though you aren’t sounding great right now.  Your subconscious wants you to believe that everyone loves you and that you really have nothing else to learn.

This is resistance, this blocks the kind of results you can have.

Resistance has to go; it’s never going to serve you and will always keep you from making the impact you want.

Resistance is protection and when you go to that place where you feel you need to defend your position or get a nerve hit on the ego, then it’s time to shine a light on where you are holding back, where you are playing safe.

I see the people who go all in on working on their voice get massive results, their entire inner game changes, their revenue and following, confidence and ability to captivate the room ALL go to the next level.

But, the people who want to resist what I’m saying, push back, need to prove or be right, they get results but nothing like what the non-resistant people get.

In 2023 you have no room to “think” we love you and that you are great at connection, no, it’s time to take your voice to the next level.

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