Restoring Your Spirit w/ Tami Imlay

Welcome to the show!

I’ve got a great episode for you today.

Often times we are blindsided by life.  I often talk about our inability to control the outcome.  Every single moment of tragedy and triumph, how we use our voice is a part of our journey.

Today, I’ve got a very, very special guest with me.  Not only is Tami a former student, but she’s also doing amazing work in the world after being blindsided by her husband’s death.

In today’s episode, Tami and I talk about what it means to use your voice,

How we can use our voice to help others,

The experiences we have that become our message for those of us a few steps behind on the journey and so much more.

You are going to love this episode!


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Guest Bio

Tami Imlay is the owner of Tami Marie Coaching and Host of Her Restored Spirit Podcast. Tami is an Air Force Veteran and an Air Force Widow. She believes that there is opportunity and hope in every circumstance and hardship and knows that her God-given purpose is to help widowed and divorced women find theirs.

Tami took “knowledge is power” to another level. She guides people to make the choice changes in their life that allow for transformation, restoration, confidence, and life changes, enabling individuals to step boldly into their future.

Blending her knowledge and experience as a therapist, project management and leadership in the Air Force, understanding of the Enneagram, and her passion for changing the future, she has stepped into her God-given calling as a Restoration and Confidence Coach.