Expanding Your Reach w/ April Meese

Welcome to the show.  You are in for quite a treat today!

With me on the show is my amazing friend, April Meese who is an incredibly talented businesswoman who can teach you how to take your business to the next level in big ways.

Today, April and I are focusing on her expertise in getting publicity for your business.  April has packed today’s episode with so much great content when it comes to getting your name or your business in front of your ideal client.

April and talk about her signature method for gaining publicity,

why publicity is so important,

exact steps to take to get visible and so much more!

You don’t want to miss this episode.


Guest Bio


April Meese has been an aesthetician since 2001 and a permanent cosmetic professional since 2005.  She’s traveled internationally as a skincare speaker and addressed worldwide audiences with a special television appearance on the Dr. Oz Show in 2010, as well as a skincare expert on QVC. Ms. Meese opened Enhancing Beauty in New York City and quickly grew the business to a multiple 6-figure permanent cosmetic business, while only working part-time 3-days a week.  April was soon elected to the SPCP Board of Directors and later received the SPCP Ambassador Award in 2017 for her continued industry assistance.

Putting her business degree and marketing minor to good use, April founded the online marketing program Elevate Your Beauty Business where she helps PMU professionals increase their income up to 50% with the AMP-lify method. She is also the host of the “Beauty Marketing Simplified” Podcast.  Her passion is helping other female entrepreneurs around the world so that you can increase your income and impact with less stress.

You can find April: