No Fear with Charmaine Ironside

Welcome to the show!

Today I’ve got a special guest who has been up to big things in the world.

Charmaine Ironside is with me today and she has recently been on the front lines in Canada at the trucker rally.  What was so powerful to me in her presence and minute to minute boots on the ground play by play via video, was how far she’s come in relation to judgement.

Charmaine’s story is inspiring before we even talk about voice work and standing on the front lines.  Charmaine was a student of mine and to know her concerns about using her voice when she arrived her to seeing her on the front lines using her voice in big, big ways was incredibly inspiring to me.

Today, Charmaine is giving my listener’s a play by play on what drover her to go to Ottawa and why it was so important for her to share her voice.  We touch on how she made the shift from fear of judgement to bold use of a voice filled with love.

The best part, not silencing herself changed her business and was the opposite of what the fear of being silenced led her to believe would happen!

I know you are going to love this episode!


Guest Bio

Charmaine has many passions and the core of her work is helping women release weight, get healthier, and love the skin they’re in. 


After painfully struggling for 20 years with her weight, body image, and chronic yo-yo dieting, Charmaine commuted herself to discovering and creating an approach to end the struggle for herself and others


Her approach includes unconventional nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset upgrades plus a ton of love and support to help women create lifelong positive health habits and have lots of fun along the journey to their healthiest bodies and happiest life!!


Charmaine has a University education as a Kinesiologist specializing in exercise prescription, injury rehabilitation, nutrition, and psychology and has helped thousands of people transform their bodies and lives since starting as a Fitness and Transformation Coach in 2010. 


After a devastating snowboard crash ended Charmaine’s Olympic Level snowboard career and left her almost paralyzed in 2009, she took her passion for movement and started 2 gyms and Transformation centers called Ironside Fitness. She recently started offering her services virtually so she could serve her clients at home and around the world. 


Charmaine enjoys all the hats she wears, including being a mom to a fabulous daughter and energetic son, a wife to an incredible husband, and an entrepreneur who is constantly looking for ways to help people live happier and healthier lives.


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