Your Voice Mask is
The Convincer

It’s your time to be truly confident in your expertise and feel free to say what you want in the way you want, without the fear of how you’ll be perceived.

You’re now one step closer to unearthing and revealing your true voice so you can remove the barriers between you and your community, deeply connect with your clients and ultimately Captivate the Room.


The Power Of Your Voice

Knowledgeable – Agile – Persistent

As a Convincer you come across as incredibly knowledgeable when you talk, able to weave in information, facts, figures and stories to convince your listener about your expertise.

You are agile in your conversations, able to easily change position and adapt based on who you’re talking to. You are always aware of what people need to hear and how.

You also never back away from a conversation, always persistent in your views and proving your expertise.

But if you’re honest you often feel fearful that people don’t think you know what you’re talking about, like you constantly have to justify why you’re speaking.  You often feel like you’re not good enough. It can be exhausting.

Let me use my decades of experience with Psychology of The Voice® and my innate ability to hear your true voice to guide you to feeling more confident in your voice. To feel sure that what you bring to the table when your voice is in alignment with who you really are (that’s where the magic will really start to happen in your business).

Watch the video below where I dive into what The Convincer is really about and how your audience interprets your voice, you might be surprised at what they hear!

Your Voice Mask Twin

Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men

Has the need to prove, covers up the truth, and has to be right at all costs.


But what exactly are voice masks?

All of us have a story that makes us who we are. What you may not know is that the same story creates our voice.

When we’re born, we have powerful voices, we can be heard loud and clear. We have no restrictions, no rules, no fear.

As we grow up though, things start to change and every “be quiet!” or “shush!” starts to change the way we use our voice. We start to adopt masks to protect ourselves and hide our true voice as it doesn’t feel safe to show up authentically.

As soon as you put on our voice mask an invisible barrier blocks you from your audience and makes it impossible for you to connect with them fully and authentically – which means lost customers and sales.

The Convincer's Struggles

The Convincer mask can actually show up in a few different ways, as justification, convincing and even defense. It always involves pushing and needing to prove.



Here's how your voice mask could be holding you back

It's costing you in your business...

You are literally pushing potential customers away with your voice so creating real connection is very difficult.

Connection happens through the voice; if you’re not showing up as your authentic self, that connection just won’t be there – and you’ll be missing out on new amazing customers.

And you can't help feeling...

Confused…why aren’t you getting the results other entrepreneurs are getting? 

Not good enough and defensive…as though your knowledge and expertise are constantly being questioned.

Exhausted…it’s hard feeling like you have to continually prove your worth.

Hi, I'm Tracy, creator of Psychology of the Voice®.

I help entrepreneurs move out blocks and barriers from their voice that are being negatively received and processed in the subconscious of your listener.

This enables you to bring your real voice out so you can reveal the best version of who you are for maximum success in your business and life. 

Over the last 30 years, I’ve had the honor of transforming the lives of hundreds of executives, business professionals, celebrities and 7-figure entrepreneurs simply by shifting sounds that are sending the wrong message out of their voice.

While many entrepreneurs think they can get rid of that by simply working on their technique, the truth is – nothing will stick until your voice stories are unearthed and rewritten.

That’s when you will start to experience freedom and full expression. More importantly, that’s when you will genuinely connect with your audience.

Are you ready to take your mask off and 


Start here!

Your Voice Mask Shifting Formula


What Needs to Shift


How to Make the Shift


How to Embody the Shift

Don’t enter any conversation ready to push. Instead, enter conversations ready to listen and know that you will be heard.

Ok, so what's next in shifting my Convincer Voice Mask?

If you resonated with this result and have decided that now is your time to Captivate the Room and really connect with your audience, I’d like to invite you to join…

Voice Masks

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You’ll learn how to:

Remove your mask

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Find Your Voice

So you can be the best version of yourself

Create Connection

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