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Today I want to talk about why we do what we do when it comes to how we use our voice and the communication choices we make.

This is the final installment in the current lessons I’m learning from training my dog and this episode is the one I’ve been telling you about.

When we make the choice to shame, try to prove, please, make it clear what we know, control we almost always make the wrong choice, and it ultimately costs us.  Why?  Because of the experience it creates for our buyer, team or relationships.

It’s important to look at why we say what we say and why we choose to add tone when we do.  People often don’t realize that their own insecurities and masks and mental noise are coming out in such a way that is repelling current and potential customers or even employees.

Today, I’ll be talking about making better choices when it comes to creating an elevated experience for the client and why looking at the benefit of our choice is so crucial.

I’ll be teaching to this very topic in my upcoming training – How to Effortlessly Attract and Retain your Ideal Client.

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