Zoom Impact

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Today, I’ve got a special guest with me, Alfred Poor.  Alfred has a very unique background in technology but when the pandemic hit, he found he could be of service in another venue as well.

Alfred, a sought-after speaker, and creator of events of his own discovered that many people were struggling with being on Zoom.  For many people, real-life meetings and presentations were all they ever had known.  Overnight, the entire world changed including how we used our voice in business.

In today’s episode, Alfred and I will be talking about speaking, speaking on Zoom, and the challenges people face when it comes to using their voice in today’s changing climate.

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Guest Bio

Alfred Poor bio:

Alfred Poor is a technology speaker and author with an international reputation. He is also an expert on helping other people look and sound great on Zoom meetings and at virtual events. He works with speakers, coaches, business owners, sales staff, and industry leaders to become more effective at engaging people in online meetings and getting their message across. He believes in making incremental improvements to produce big changes, without spending a lot of time or money.