What’s Wrong w/ Getting the Words Right?

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Trying to get the words just right. Is that you? For whatever reason, you believe that if you can get those words just right, you’re going to get what you want. You’re going to be able to control how we feel and think.

What you’re actually doing is putting a mask in place that will end up being the very thing that will keep you from getting that result. Let’s shift that today. When we shift that, we will be able to hear your confidence, connect with you, and you can captivate the room.

Let’s talk about the fear of not getting the words right and what that does to your voice. This is something both men and women struggle with. Some of my comments may be more geared to women specifically as this is something they tend to struggle with more, but it can be applied to both men and women dealing with this.

This is something I see in almost everyone I work with. This ideology of having to get the words just. right. You cannot control what I think about you. You can reveal the best version of you and you can release the outcome, but you cannot control what I think about you. YOU are the expert. YOU are educating us. We don’t know what you know. Yes, there are facts, data, and information.

You may make a mistake because you’re human. It’s not “wrong”; you’re human. By focusing on being “right,” and trying to keep people happy, focusing on the outcome you want, and what you think we want you to be, you are putting a mask in place.

This behavior has been conditioned throughout of lives: being motivated by a fear of something going wrong or something bad happening if you get something “wrong.” Don’t give your power to your words. The power is not in your words. Your power is in making me feel something.

You may mess up the data but you won’t mess up the feeling you cause me to feel. The hesitation, pausing and fumbling that happens when you’re struggling to get things just right causes more damage than just connecting with your message, your audience, and releasing the outcome.

Don’t get so bogged down in getting it ‘right’ that we, as your audience, don’t know what you’re talking about.

Until next time, you know what to do: get out there and speak your truth; just do it beautifully.

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