Voice is Critical in a Recession

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Some say we are in an economic downturn.  I say, you need your voice more than ever if that’s the case.  In a moment in time when it seems like working on one’s voice would be a luxury, it’s actually one of the most critical things you can work on.


All the insecurities your client or potential client faces, best not come out in your voice or it’s deal off.  The problem is, chances are excellent they will.  Sounds of hesitation are processed in the subconscious of the buyer as a big ole no.

So many sounds that come from your own insecurities, your subconscious, are coming out in your voice and they are costing you in tiny ways that add up to big financial loses.

Now more than ever your ideal clients need reassurance, trust, safety, expertise and knowing you are the person that is not going to drop the ball of them.

Voice is the stumbling block or the highway to your next level of success. What’s coming out in your voice?

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