The Show

Welcome to the show!

Literally, welcome to the show today because that is what I’m talking about, creating a show in your voice.  What is a voice show?  Well, it’s not performance, it’s not polish, it’s the best version of you showing up vocally and playing full out with your full voice orchestra.

Far too often people play in a really small voice box, no pun intended.  People are in fear about playing all the different sounds, all the different instruments of their voices and that is part of why they aren’t captivating their listener.

In order to captivate your listener, you want to create an experience for them.  To create an experience you have to use your voice full out, you have to create a show.

Show, isn’t what you think it is, take a listen to today’s episode to find out what the show is in your voice and how to make it happen!


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