Purpose with Purpose John Ramstead

If you are struggling to find your purpose or if you want to find a deeper purpose within your purpose, then you don’t want to miss what my guest John Ramstead has to say today.  John is an expert in the leadership realm and his understanding of transformation from the inside out and how critical that is to success lines up with Psychology of the Voice.

After you listen to today’s episode, you will have a better understanding of:

The resilience and strength John tapped into so he could overcome the odds he was up against when he had a near-fatal horseback riding incident

Where he was in his life and purpose before the accident and how that all changed

What it takes to find your purpose and finding a deeper purpose

Why it’s so important to find joy and peace

The ways we use busy to avoid our true calling and so much more.


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Guest Bio

John Ramstead

John Ramstead loves combining his experience as a Navy combat fighter pilot, Fortune 500 manager, and serial entrepreneur with his passion for helping you and your team reach your full potential…all while incorporating the very valuable lessons he learned while surviving a near-fatal horseback riding accident in 2011.  Recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury that required 25 surgeries and put him under hospital care for almost 2 years—John radically transformed his thinking and forced him to connect with who he was meant to be.  John learned how to create his best life and is excited to help you and your team do the same.

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