Voice Patterns, Drivers and Habits

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Today I’m talking about the voice habits that are left behind from the Psychology of the Voice Story.  The driver is the story and it always put in a bad voice habit.  One of the bad voice habits that gets locked in is patterns.  A pattern is something you repeat vocally and you don’t even realize it.

You might have a pattern of pausing at certain points when you speak, always the same point.  Or maybe you speak fast and then lilt up on the last word as you try to check and make sure we understand.

Everyone has a voice pattern and a go-to.  They don’t work for you and we need to rewrite them.  I always like to look at what the driver is behind the pattern.  We remove the driver and rewrite what it left behind in the muscle memory, the pattern, and then you can make a bigger impact with your message.

You can be received entirely differently in the sub-conscious of the listener simply by shifting one or two bad voice habits.

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