Getting Out of Your Head with Jen Forster

Welcome to the show!

You are in for a super treat today!

With me on the show is another guest, another Australian, and someone who’s work is so aligned with my Psychology of the Voice I can hardly believe it!

Jen Forster is with me today and I met her in the group that Tyson and I spoke about in last week’s episode.

Jen and I had an incredible conversation about patterns and habits and how we sabotage ourselves.

Jen helps people rewrite these patterns so they can get out of their heads and make decisions with ease.

I know you are going to love this conversation and feel like you’ve known Jen your whole life!

**Make sure you check out the website, I’m running another group coaching program in early August and I don’t want you to miss it!


Guest Bio

Jennifer is an entrepreneur, holds a Master in Business, has pioneered change for women abroad, succeeded as a competitive sportsperson, adventured globally and solo parented two kids. But as a ‘serial overachiever’ her success came at the cost of broken relationships, inner conflict, and burnout. In her book, The Power of a Peaceful Woman: 49 Ways to drop the armor and defuse the drama, she shares her 49 practical ‘real-life lessons’ that were the catalyst for getting her out of her head and into her heart and ultimately gave her a deeper level of peace, happiness and aligned her with a purpose-filled, abundant life.

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