The Main Thing Holding You Back

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It’s possible there are several things holding your voice back, but there is one that is holding you back more than anything else: perception.

Most people preface any kind of presentation or session with me with by telling me how terrible it sounds or reasons for why it will be poor quality. That’s your subconscious holding you back! Your perception of how your message is being received is holding you back from playing bigger, from stepping outside of your safety and comfort zone. You are judging yourself in a way that your audience is not. 99.9% of what you put out, what you perceive, is received entirely differently by your audience.

Notice the children in your life and how they boldly own their voice. Little by little – likely before you were five – our internal story is rewritten to remove our confidence, tear us down, and keep us playing “safe.” You have to put out a different product (your voice), to get a different reaction. When you are working on improving your voice and breaking down barriers, you are rewriting that internal driver. This then delivers a different “product” via your voice and received differently by your listeners. Stop giving your power away to the perception of what you think we’re thinking.

You must – must – grasp the idea that your perception is wrong – that your perception is not what we’re thinking. Then, move to the “now” and trust that you’ve got this. By being in the future and the past, you won’t have it. One of the questions you can ask yourself when you are feeling like no one wants to hear what you have to say, you don’t sound good, you should just keep quiet, etc.: is this ultimately true?

Until next time, you know what to do. Get out there and speak your truth, just do it beautifully.



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