Finding Creativity w/ Dawn Baja

Welcome to the show!

With me today is a super special guest, one of my former students and an amazing artist, Dawn Baja.  Dawn has an amazing story about how she got into art and how she uses art to impact others positively.  She’s also just one of my favorite people that I’ve ever worked with.

Today, Dawn and I are talking about art,

Voice and how it’s similar to art,

How she finds inspiration,

Finding her voice,

Confidence, Connection and Commanding the space and so much more!

You don’t want to miss this episode!


Guest Bio

My inspiration comes from many things…living abroad, nature, music, art, and yoga. As a family, we look at life as an adventure. Our approach is live your best life so you have no regrets. The pandemic was a reminder of that. So, after 20 years of living in northern California, our family made the decision to relocate to Las Vegas. Say what?! Yes, the whole purpose was to experience life in a place that was so completely opposite from our California lifestyle. A brand new adventure…you know, when just stepping out your front door is an experience of discovery in a whole new city! And it’s been a blast! We are embracing the beauty of our new city, and all the unique elements the desert brings. Already my new surroundings are influencing and inspiring what I paint!