Creating Connection with Your Voice

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Today I’m talking about creating connections.  What people don’t realize is that we actually connect with you or not by what we hear in your voice.  Often times you don’t even realize what we are hearing and how it’s hurting you.

In fact, most people don’t even realize how important and powerful their voice truly is.

There are barriers that certain sounds make and if you have those sounds in your voice, you will have barriers that keep us from connecting.  It’s not an all or nothing thing, it’s like bulletproof glass in between me and you.  I can hear you and see you but I can’t touch you.  This means my subconscious is not fully connecting with you, not going all-in with a heck yes, this is my person and I love them and their ideas.

There is caution, doubt, and uncertainty and it can be slight but if it’s any, you might not land that deal, get that follower or touch that life.

I think you are going to like this episode!

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