Creating an Invitation with Your Voice

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Creating an invitation

Did you know you can create an invitation with your voice?

You can and you must.

Most people don’t create an invitation because they are pushing, driving their ideas, their words.

Most people feel they need to convince or say a lot of words but that shuts the door on inviting people in through your voice.

Trying to get it right, having a grip on your voice…no invitation.

Think about when you use your voice in a way that is inviting…?

Your people closest to you.  You create an invitation because you feel comfortable, less or not judged but yet when you go to the office or online in a video or podcast or even in an interview, no invitation.

Judgement or the potential of it so you have to pull back…or so you think.

But it’s costing you.

The expert invites us in.

The expert knows they know.

The expert knows they don’t have to know it all.

When you can use your voice as an invitation, the entire world changes…so does your following, retention, revenue!

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