Cognomovement with Katie Wrigley

Welcome to the show!

Today I’m talking with a former student of mine about a unique methodology called Cognomovement.

Cognomovement is a miraculous concept that alleviates pain, aids in weight loss, fear of public speaking and so much more.  In today’s episode, you are going to hear all about it and how it can help you!

I won’t do it justice to explain but I hope you’ll tune it and hear Katie speak about it.

In today’s episode, Katie and I discuss the path to destruction that she found herself on with loads of injuries and unhappiness,

How Cognomovement changed her life,

What is Cognomovement and how it works and so much more!


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Guest Bio

Katie spent the bulk of her adult life suffering. Her answer to that was to run from herself by plunging deeply into denial and numbing herself however she could. Her numbing tools included a super demanding career in which she could drown, drugs, food, men who didn’t value her and high-risk activities. She suffered from chronic pain for 8 years.

Suffering was her norm until she was rendered disabled by all of the denial and numbing by the time she was in her early 40s. Enough was enough, and Katie wanted her life back.

She tried many healing modalities with varying levels of success, but nothing touched the unrelenting nerve pain and damage going down her legs from damage in her lumbar spine, and notably weakening them despite a lot of walking and hiking.

She was then introduced to Cognomovement while she awaited a consult with a neurosurgeon, and it transformed her life.

Not only was Cognomovement the key she needed to harness the power of her mind to shift her perception of pain, it was also the tool that was missing from her pain management coaching practice.

Cognomovement gets in the middle of the pain loop between our brain and physical body, to allow a shift in perception of how we are experiencing the pain. Katie didn’t only get her life back, she created a better life than she thought was possible.

She now teaches others how they can achieve this outcome for themselves.

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