This Voice Expert Will Make Your Pitch Video Stand Out​

You’ve watched a YouTube video right?

Let me ask you a question – which matters more, video or audio quality?

… Surprisingly many people think that video quality matters most, but it’s not true.

 There’s nothing more annoying than a video with poor audio and nothing more boring to listen to than a speaker who drones on and on.

We’re far more likely to watch an amateur video with great audio than a professionally shot video with poor audio.

In fact, a great sounding voice can make the difference between backers buying into your vision and pledging to your crowdfunding campaign, or just simply clicking off the page.

Don’t get me wrong, I struggle with the quality of my audio and speaking style as much as anyone else out there!

I’ve given boring interviews that probably put people to sleep (Funny, I once got a message from someone who listens to my podcast as they’re falling asleep.).

But, that’s why I decided to bring a voice expert on today!

Tracy Goodwin is an award winning speaking coach and former professional actor who has been helping students build their speaking confidence for 20+ years.

Not only will she show you how to deliver a more engaging pitch, but she’ll teach you how to deliver a pitch that seduces browsers into buyers.

Think of this like a free consulting session. Don’t forget to check out the links below!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to improve your speaking style before giving a video pitch. 
  • Why you need to slow down your speaking speed
  • How pauses can help you build up to an “ask”
  • What you can do to sound more confident
  • Why your speaking volume speaks volumes
  • Using storytelling to your advantage
  • How to sound better if english is not your first language
  • Practical ways to come across as more likable in a crowdfunding pitch

Resources and links mentioned in this episode: