How to Improve Speaking Skills to Communicate with Your Clients, with Tracy Goodwin

How you talk to people matters. You may have the best information, but if nobody is listening it won’t matter. Early on in the days of the Retirement Answer Man podcast, I worked with a professional audio coach. She really helped me improve the podcast by making me more aware of my voice. But I not only improved the podcast, but I also improved the way I communicate with my clients. People choose who and what they want to listen to. That’s why I’ve invited my audio coach, Tracy Goodwin, on the show today. She is here to help us improve our speaking skills and become better communicators. Listen in to hear why your voice matters.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] I worked with a professional audio coach

  • [8:00] Why is it so important to be confident in your voice and how you communicate?

  • [19:01] Helpful tips to make you a better communicator

  • [23:10] A lot of financial planning is helping people with delayed gratification

  • [27:12] What tools can people use with their voice

Why is it so important to be confident in your voice and how you communicate?

People don’t realize that we build connections through our voice. Trust is built in your voice. It’s our connection piece. Are you communicating in a way that your clients can feel that they really trust you and know you?

Sure, you have sales training and product knowledge, but all of that means nothing if your clients aren’t listening to what you are saying. As financial planners, we need to learn to speak to people in a more human way. Learning how to effectively communicate is one way to help you evolve as a financial planner.

How to improve speaking skills to make you a better communicator

When you are with clients you may feel that you need to show them what you know. You want to come off as the expert in your field. But rather than talking at them by throwing facts and figures in their face, think about having a conversation with them instead. People really just want to have a conversation. Doing so won’t make you come off as too casual. By having a conversation you can reveal your own communication style and you’ll take off some of the intensity that comes with being the expert. Discover how to convey your message to your clients by listening to Tracy Goodwin’s communication advice on this episode of The Agile Financial Planner.

What tools can people use with their voice?

Our voice is really a tool that we can use to help us convey our message to our audience. But the audience will only listen when we present our message in an engaging way. Here are some tools that you can use with your voice to make you a more effective communicator.

  1. Slow down. When you speak quickly you are just talking at people

  2. Pause. Pausing is a powerful tool that when used correctly allows people to process what you are saying.

  3. Up and down. Louder and softer. Play with the cadence of your voice.

  4. Melody. This is the movement in your voice and this is where trust is built.

  5. Be unpredictable. Creating unpredictability keeps people listening to you.

Not everyone wants to listen to their financial planner

As financial planners, we often have to tell people things they don’t want to hear. It’s easy for our clients to tune us out. If we want to really help our clients we have to find ways to be heard. It’s important to learn how to speak so that our clients will listen and follow through. Tracy Goodwin has amazing advice to help us navigate how to effectively communicate with our clients. Find out what she has to say so that you can really connect with your clients.

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