Tracy Goodwin Is An Internationally Known Voice Expert

Tracy Goodwin is an Internationally known voice expert who has coached TV actors, entrepreneurs and business leaders to find their real voice and transform their lives.

To be an authority in your field, a leader, Tracy Goodwin says you must be an impactful storyteller; you must affect us. How you speak is what will make that happen.

If you aren’t living a full and prosperous life, your voice may be the KEY to thriving!

In the time it takes to say hello, people are judging you by your voice. In fact, your voice could be the very thing that is keeping you from getting what you want.
Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

You find you are not respected when you speak or you feel like you’re being pushed around
You don’t feel or sound confident
People cut you off when you talk
You have a hard time asking for what you want
Colleagues don’t see you as the expert you truly are
Your voice falls flat or changes tone especially when you are nervous
You aren’t getting the results you want in your personal life and/or career